5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Floor Pillow for Kids

As parents, we want the best for our kids, and floor pillows can help make their playtime more comfortable, secure and fun! However, it can be tricky to find the right floor pillow, which is why we’re sharing these five tips on how to pick the perfect one. By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to find the best floor pillow that will benefit your kids and bring joy to their lives in ways no other type of pillow can!

1) Consider the age of your child

The key to picking out a floor pillow is thinking about what age your child is. When you’re looking at floor pillows, there are two main types of pillows: ones with a flat bottom, and ones with a bumpy bottom. These two types of pillows are both great options depending on how old your child is.

If your child is under three years old, they will likely be more interested in playing with the pillow and less concerned about comfort. In this case, we recommend purchasing a flat-bottom pillow. If you have an older child who needs more comfort, then we recommend getting them a bumpy-bottom pillow that has lots of padding inside to provide support and keep their spine aligned as they sleep or rest on it during the day.

2) Pick a design that’s easy to clean

Cleaning up a small mess is not that hard. However, when it comes to large spills or other major accidents, you will have to make sure your floor pillow has a design that is easy to clean. The best way to do this is by looking at the materials used in making the pillow.

For example, if you are shopping on Amazon and see both cotton and polyester listed as materials then consider which material would be easier to clean if there was an accident. If you are unsure about what material would be easier to clean, then search for reviews from people who have purchased these pillows before. Reviews can give you insight into how durable and easy-to-clean a particular floor pillow is.

Here is a video about how to DIY a pillow bed for kids.

3) Go for comfort over style
  • Try to find a floor pillow that is comfortable and cozy. This will help your child fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer.
  • Look for a floor pillow with padding on the underside so that it doesn’t scratch up your hardwood or linoleum floors.
  • Beware of any loose strings or ribbons on the pillow, as they may pose a choking hazard.
  • Remember that you want this to be an enjoyable experience, so choose colors and patterns they’ll enjoy!
4) Choose the right material

Choosing a floor pillow for kids is all about finding the perfect balance. Is your kid rough with their clothes? Do they have allergies? If so, then you’ll want to go with a more durable and natural material like wool. Wool pillows will be less expensive in the long run because they are resistant to wear and tear from children’s play.

If your child has allergies, then you’ll want to look for organic cotton or bamboo which will be softer and more comfortable than other materials. However, if your child is gentle with their clothes, then synthetic materials might be a better choice as they are usually cheaper than organic options.

5) Don’t forget about safety

Some people might think that floor pillows are only for adults, but they can also be used as part of a comfortable kids’ room. Just make sure to consider safety factors before you buy, such as choosing a pillow that is appropriate for your child’s age and weight.

As with any area of a child’s playroom, it is important to pay attention to safety when choosing floor pillows. Some are safer than others, and some are more durable than others. For example, many kids’ floor pillows feature non-slip backing to ensure that they stay in place while kids run around on them. If you have a large area in which your child will be playing with a floor pillow (or other soft toy), it is best to choose one that features an anti-slip backing.

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