6 Best Halloween Door Decorations for a Spooky Welcome

No matter how creepy or scary your Halloween door decorations are, they’re usually only visible through the windows at the front of your house. So what happens when trick-or-treaters reach the porch? It’s time to bring in the spooky fun with some great Halloween door decorations! Here are eight of our best ideas to help you make your porch one of the scariest on the block this year!

Halloween door decorations
Halloween door decorations: Rope Ghosts

Here’s an idea that’s easy and cheap to set up. Cut thin strips of rope about 5-10 inches long (depending on how big you want your ghosts). Stick them in a straight line in front of your door so they look like people floating in mid-air. You can get more creative with these, but let’s keep it simple today. If you have time to commit, glue some googly eyes onto each strip of rope so they resemble ghosts.

Halloween door decorations: Glowing Pumpkins

Pumpkin décor is, of course, a must. But with all of those jack-o’-lanterns lurking in your front yard, it can be hard to know how to make yours stand out. That’s where glowing pumpkins come into play. Take some glow sticks and poke them into holes that you carve out in regular pumpkins, making sure not to carve out any more than half of their diameter or so.

Halloween door decorations: Illuminated Signs

If you want to draw attention to your home, create an illuminated sign! With a few simple materials and some creativity, you can make an easy to install sign that spells out Trick or Treat with lights. You can use these on your front door, at your gate or even in your garden! This is something that will last year-round and not just for Halloween so it’s great value too. The bonus is that it will definitely be unique to all of your neighbors!

Halloween door decorations: Boo Banner

A boo banner is both cute and spooky, and it’s easy to make at home. Simply take some black poster board, cut out letters in white foam board or cardstock, hang them on string, and you have an instant decoration! A BOO banner is perfect because it’s festive without being too cheesy. You can also get creative with your choice of letters. For example, use ghost and bat cutouts instead of B and O.

Halloween door decorations: Realistic Spider Webs

The classic spider web gets your trick-or-treaters scared before they even make it to your doorstep. For an extra chilling effect, hang these realistic spider webs in areas where you can’t see them easily and wait until children are right on top of them to notice them. When hung over doorways, these webs will have children jumping!

Halloween door decorations: Something That Moves!

One of the most effective ways to up your decorating game is by adding something that moves. It could be as simple as attaching some battery-operated LED candles to your front porch, or creating an LED scarecrow using materials you have around your house. No matter what you do, make sure your display can draw attention by moving. Animated decorations make it much more likely that people will take pictures of your house with their phone or camera and share those pictures with friends on social media.

Halloween door decorations: Shadow Boxes

Create a shadow box to display on your front door. Fill it with some of your family’s favorite treats, or fill it with scary figurines like witches and ghosts to give trick-or-treaters an extra fright. This will create an opportunity for you to impress your neighbors and be known as the house that does Halloween right. Make sure to hand out some candy if you do decide to do something like this—it doesn’t make sense otherwise!

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