Best Colored Wine Glasses to Bring Out the Flavor of Your Favorite Wines

Color may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wine, but it’s actually an important element in wine tasting. Before serving your guests, consider choosing some colored wine glasses to give the wines you serve special attention to the many hues they offer.

If you drink your wine from the wrongly colored wine glasses, you might not get the full flavor of your favorite types of wine or your favorite kinds of wine. You might even get tricked into thinking your favorite type of wine isn’t as good as it actually is.

Red wine in a red glass

Red wine is a classic drink choice for many occasions, but it can be difficult to find a red wine glass that is appropriate for all occasions. You’ll want a large, sturdy glass with thick walls so that you don’t break it when trying to pour wine.

The most important thing about choosing a red wine glass is finding one that contrasts with the color of your wine. For example, if you have a red wine with strong fruit flavor and aroma, then you will want to choose a clear or light-colored glass. Likewise, if your red wine has dark fruit flavors and aromas, then you will want to use a dark colored glass to match its intensity.

White wine in a white glass

One of the most popular wine glasses is a white wine glass. White wine is generally served in a clear, stemless glass. These wines can be made from grapes such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or Chenin Blanc. The color ranges from pale straw yellow to deep gold and are often served at room temperature. If you want your white wine chilled, serve it in a bucket with ice on the side.

While it is called a wine glass, most white wines are actually served in smaller glasses. These glasses will usually hold between 8-10 ounces, and they are generally larger than your typical glass at a restaurant. They are shorter and wider and typically have thinner rims so they look like a large bowl.

Here is a video about how to make colored drinking glasses.

Sparkling wines in a tall glass

Sparkling wines should always be served in a glass that is taller than it is wide. This shape will showcase the bubbles and present a more elegant appearance. Choose a wine glass with small openings at the top and bottom, as these will prevent large amounts of carbonation from escaping.

A good example would be a champagne flute. Sparkling wines poured into a wider, shallower glass: If you want to save your sparkling wine for later and avoid letting it go flat, pouring it into a wider, shallower glass can help. The more surface area on the inside of the glass (in contact with air) means less surface area touching your sparkling wine which helps keep it bubbly.

Special champagne filled goblet

Champagne is the perfect drink for celebrations and special occasions. And what better way to toast than with a glass that’s specifically designed for champagne? The goblet is a long stemmed, flared-shaped glass with an iced bowl. This design helps keep the temperature so it doesn’t warm up as quickly and release its aromas prematurely. Ensure that you get a rich flavor from your favorite champagne or sparkling wine every time.

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