Best way to hump a pillow – do it like this and you’ll never look back!

Humping a pillow can provide your body with much-needed sexual release, especially if you’re single and don’t have access to sexual partners as often as you’d like. While there are many ways to hump a pillow, you’ll find that the best way to do it is with slow, measured movements of your hips, which will maximize the friction against your clitoris. The slower the pace, the more intense the orgasm! Here’s how to do it properly.

best way to hump a pillow
Position the pillow between your legs

1. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you. 2. Place the pillow between your legs, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 3. Lean forward, resting your chest on top of the pillow. 4. Slide one leg over the other so that both are lying straight out from each other, perpendicular to each other as if they were making a V. 5. Position your hands on the floor for balance. 6. Now rock back and forth, using your arms for support until you reach orgasm. 7. Continue rocking until you’re done or pass out! 8. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about holding yourself up or getting tired; all the work is done for you by the pillow! 9. Now what could be better than humping away?

Use your hips to thrust

If you’re looking for something to spice up your bedroom routine, then the best way to hump a pillow is by using your hips. Humping with your hips will prevent any unnecessary strain on your lower back, while also giving you better leverage. What’s more, humping with your hips will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles – which can lead to stronger orgasms for both parties involved!

Experiment with different speeds

One of the best things about humping is that there’s no wrong or right speed. You can go at your own pace, so experiment with different speeds to see what feels best for you. Try going faster for a change in sensation. Slow down if you’re feeling too sensitive.

Add in some clitoral stimulation

It can be hard to get off by just humping a pillow, so adding in some clitoral stimulation will give your orgasm that extra oomph. If you don’t have any toys handy, use your fingers or even your toes! The power of touch is the best thing for bringing yourself to climax. The right position also makes a difference: Find what feels good for you and then find ways to achieve that sensation while rubbing on the pillow. For example, if you prefer being on top during sex but want the sensation of being underneath someone else then put one hand on the bottom of the pillow and move it up-and-down as you grind into it with your hips. There are also lots of other techniques to try: Try lifting your hips up and down while lying on your stomach (the ‘V’ position). Put pillows under your stomach and hips to lift them up off the bed (the ‘T’ position) or use two pillows under each leg. If you want something more vigorous, kneel on all fours with one pillow underneath each knee (the ‘X’ position).

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