Classroom Door Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to celebrate with your students. The fall colors, harvest bounty and soothing aromas are sure to put everyone in a good mood. Classroom door decoration for thanksgiving can be a fun activity for students and teachers alike. Have them help you make their own decorations or use these ideas as inspiration for creating something new!

Turkey classroom door decoration

Turkey classroom door decor can be made from many different materials. One of the most popular options is paper or cardboard, which can be painted or decorated with colored pencils. If you want to use real fabric, then consider using a large piece that you cut into strips and then sew together to create your turkey. Another option is yarn; depending on the size of your room, this may be difficult to keep up throughout the school year!

Mayflower Ship classroom door decoration
  • Make a Mayflower ship. You can do this using construction paper, or you can glue two pieces of 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch white paper together to make a larger sheet.
  • Use a ruler to draw out the hull of your ship on one side, and then cut it out with scissors or an exacto knife. If you don’t have access to an exacto knife, you could use regular colored pencils to draw the hull lines instead of cutting them out with scissors or an exacto knife.
  • On another piece of paper, draw out three large turkeys (or four if you’d like). Cut them out with scissors or an exacto knife as well. Attach your turkey heads to both sides of your Mayflower ship where its masts would go so that they’re facing forward toward land!
  • Draw five pilgrims onto more pieces of paper and cut them out just like before (or use colored pencils). Attach these little guys hanging from strings off either side of your ship’s bow!

Here is a video about classroom decoration ideas for thanksgiving.

Fall Tree classroom door decoration
  • Use a real or fake tree. If it’s too cold outside to have a real tree, you can find them at most stores in the fall and winter. You may also want to consider using some of your classroom’s fall decorations as part of this project (i.e., paper leaves).
  • Use a fall color theme and incorporate different kinds of seasonal decorations, such as pumpkins, apples, corn stalks and other harvest-themed items.
Thanksgiving feast classroom door decor

One thing I really love about autumn is going out into nature and collecting leaves for their beautiful colors. If you have enough students in your class, go out together to collect these colorful treasures! You can use them for various activities throughout November; however, my favorite thing to do with them was making an art collage using paint and glitter glue.

This could be as simple as hanging up some fall leaves or painting fall colors on the door of the classroom. If you have any leftover turkey from your meal, you can hang it on the door as well!

When the students walk up to the room, they get a smile and warmth. They start to feel excited about learning new things. This is a great time of year to do this. Because you can use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to teach your students about Native Americans and their culture. You could even make a craft project out of it! You can also talk about how important it is for us as humans to be grateful for everything that we have in our lives. If your community has other celebrations during this time of year such as Halloween or Christmas then you may want to incorporate those into your classroom decorations too so that all holidays are represented at once!

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