Funny Dorm Decorations: How to Make Your Dorm an Awesome One

A dorm can be a boring place to live, and when you’re there with nothing to do it can be an even more boring place to stay in, especially if you have no friends. One of the best ways to make your dorm an awesome one, then, is through decorations that will make your dorm look cool, fun and hip and your fellow students will want to stay there as well (or at least visit it and have some fun). Fortunately, we’ve put together this list of 30 awesome (and funny) dorm decorations that will help you achieve just that effect. Enjoy!

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Bedding ideas

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations for your dorm room. With a little creativity, you can make your dorm room awesome and hilarious. Just decorate your bed with some funny sheets, cut out a speech bubble from cardboard, and then tape it to the wall next to your bed, or paint your ceiling like the sky.

Canvas, posters and wall hooks

Canvas, poster, and wall hooks are the most common items in dorms. Adding these items can make a boring room into a memorable one. First, find a canvas or poster that means something to you. Next, hang it up on the wall with hooks around it. This will not only make your dorm personal but also show off your personality.

Add some of your favorite books, posters and pictures for decoration. Additionally, if you have any old clothes laying around then create a collage out of them by hanging them on the walls as well. You can use magazine pages too! Lastly, get some quotes from famous people that inspire you and put them all over your room with tacky glue or push pins!

There are plenty of websites where you can find these motivational words. Just search motivational quotes or inspirational quotes online. Don’t forget to put those inspiring words on your door too!

After doing all this, you will be living in a home away from home with awesome decorations that remind you why school is so important!

Floor mats

A dorm room can be a stressful time for students. The limited space, lack of privacy, and new roommate are all factors that contribute to the stress of living in a dorm. To make your dorm room more comfortable and homey, you can use floor mats. Floor mats come in many different colors and patterns so you can find one that best matches your personality. They also provide extra insulation from cold floors and give you something soft to step on. If you have carpeting in your dorm room, it’s also important to place a mat at the entrance way to keep dirt from getting tracked inside. Floor mats don’t take up much space and can even be folded up if needed.

Cushions, pillows and blanket sets

Cushion, pillow and blanket sets are the perfect dorm room accessory. They are great for lounging on your bed or chair and they add a pop of color to any dorm room! Plus, they come in all different colors and patterns so you can find something that matches your style or personality. A good idea is to get two matching pillows and then get one patterned blanket that will cover both pillows. When it comes time to wash your blankets, just wash one set at a time! Avoid washing them together because this might cause them to become fuzzy. Once they are dry, put each set back on your bed or chair and enjoy them.

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