Halloween Dorm Decorations: Make Your Dorm the Spookiest on Campus

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Whether you choose to dress up or host a costume party, your dorm room can be the perfect place to kick off your festivities with some fun decorations! If you don’t have any college-appropriate ideas in mind, check out these Halloween dorm decoration ideas to help you get started on making your dorm the spookiest one on campus.

3 Querky Halloween Prop Ideas

Dorm decorating ideas for Halloween are usually limited to jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and lights. But there’s so much more you can do that will have your dorm looking spooky! Take a look at these five quirky halloween prop ideas:

1. Fake Blood – Place some fake blood in a mason jar and add a label with the title blood. You can purchase fake blood on Amazon or find it in your nearest Halloween store. Be sure to use caution when adding this substance to your props as it is easy to make a mess. Another great way of using fake blood is by placing the labels around an object like a trashcan, doorway, or toilet seat (just make sure you clean up afterwards).

2. Fake Skulls – Find an inexpensive skull from your local dollar store and then spray paint it orange. The best part about this idea is that skulls are inexpensive and there are many colors available.

3. Broken Glass – Just like any other Halloween decoration, broken glass is simple to create but should be handled with care. Use pieces of clear plastic wrap, black construction paper, and scissors to cut out the shape of a pumpkin, turn the pumpkin over onto a sheet of black construction paper and glue small bits of clear plastic wrap onto its backside in order to create an effect resembling shattered glass.

3 Ways to Dress Up Your Windows

1. Cut a hole in a black trash bag and place it over your window. Put a pumpkin that has been carved in front of it.

2. Attach white Christmas lights to make it look like spider webs. Place spiders or plastic bugs inside the web to give off that Halloween vibe.

3. Get some fake blood and create drips down from your window using rubber bands.

3 Types of Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are one of the easiest ways to add some character and personality to your dorm room. You can find them in nearly any store, they’re cheap, and they don’t take up much space. Wall hangings can be as spooky as you want them!

1. Black and white pictures of people wearing masks or full costumes. The contrast makes it easy for people in hallways outside your door or neighboring rooms to see who is there. As well, if you have a projector in your dorm room then this idea will allow everyone to enjoy your decorations without having to walk into your room.

2. Halloween quotes – Halloween has many sayings associated with it that make for great wall decorating ideas. From The scariest place I know is inside my head by Stephen King to People die at midnight, this idea will keep everyone guessing what comes next and leaves an eerie mystery for onlookers. If you’re not sure where to start looking for these types of quotes online, try googling Halloween Quotes or Sayings About Halloween.

3. Photos of skeletons in different poses around campus – Searching google images for skeletons should bring up a variety of options, but these photos work best if they are taken from a high angle so they look more like real life.

Halloween Dorm Decorations!

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