How to Choose the Perfect Pillow for binge-watching TV in Bed

If you have ever had trouble sleeping, you know that your mattress alone isn’t always enough to ensure you get quality shut-eye. Between loud roommates, street noise, and the TV blaring in the background, it can be hard to find peace and quiet when you need it most — even with your eyes closed! But have no fear; there are plenty of ways to make sure you can get the sleep you need without sacrificing your position on the couch! Check out our guide on how to choose the perfect pillow for binge-watching TV in bed below to start catching those Zs right away!

Consider your sleep position

The first step is figuring out what sleep position you are. Your pillow should support your neck, shoulders and head so that your spine is aligned. A good way to tell which sleep position you are is by looking at your hands when you lie on your back. If one hand rests above the other, then you’re a back sleeper; if they rest at opposite sides of your body, then you’re a side sleeper. The key to finding the right pillow is finding one that will support whichever sleeping position suits you best. You can also experiment with different positions while lying on your bed before committing to one specific style of pillow.

Think about the fill

If you want to watch TV in bed, you’ll need one with a slightly firmer fill than what most people prefer because it provides better support for your neck. Memory foam pillows offer plenty of support and can take on any form depending on the shape of your head. And shoulders so they’re perfect if you want something really comfortable. However, latex pillows are more affordable and easier to wash but may not offer as much back support and tend to be firmer than memory foam pillows (this can also depend on how they’re filled). Polyester fiberfill pillows are good options if you want something inexpensive that’s easy to adjust but won’t offer much neck support or relief from pain during sleep.

Choose the right size

The first thing to consider is your size. If you’re tall, a large pillow will be too small and vice versa. The height of your pillow should come up to about eye level when you’re lying on your back. The second most important aspect of picking a pillow is what material it’s made from. Memory foam pillows are designed with contours that shift as you move around. So they’ll provide enough support for any position you find yourself in while watching TV.

Consider the fabric

A high quality pillow will provide a comfortable and supportive surface for your head and neck. Choosing a fabric that is right for you can also make all the difference. For instance, if you have allergies, you may want a hypoallergenic one or one made of natural materials. Other considerations include how warm it feels against your skin, how heavy it is. And whether it will be a good fit with your bedding set.

Go for comfort

A pillow that is too thin may not offer enough support. While a pillow that is too thick might be uncomfortable. The most important thing is to find a pillow that feels comfortable and matches your preferred sleeping position. Some people prefer a ramp that cradles their head, while others like pillows that are softer or firmer. Consider what you need before buying a new pillow for watching TV in bed.

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