Is a Bed Skirt Necessary for Platform Bed?

The bed skirt may be a dying breed, but that doesn’t mean it should go away completely! If you have a platform bed, the right kind of bed skirt can help extend the life of your mattress and make your room look more elegant, creating the perfect look for your bedroom décor. Here’s how to pick out the best bed skirt for your platform bed and use it to your advantage!

Here’s how to pick out the best bed skirt for your platform bed and use it to your advantage!

What is a Bed Skirt?

The bed skirt is a type of skirt that goes on the bottom of the mattress to hide and protect the box spring and frame. A bed skirt can also be to add color or pattern to your bedroom design. It can be made out of many different materials, including cotton, polyester, linen, and nylon.

The Benefits of a Bed Skirt

Some people say that bed skirts are unnecessary, but they actually serve several purposes. A bed skirt is to cover up the gap between the mattress and the frame of the bed, which helps keep dust and allergens from getting into your bed. It also provides a nice finished look to any space. The best thing about a bed skirt is that it can easily be removed when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

If you want to keep your space looking elegant and feeling clean, then a bed skirt is worth investing in. It’s also much cheaper than replacing your mattress each year because of dust mites and mildew buildup, so it’s good to know that it can easily remove when it needs cleaning.

Do I Need a Bed Skirt If I Have a Platform Bed?

A bed skirt is not necessary for a platform bed. However, it can help to cover the gap between the mattress and the base of the bed frame or box spring. If you have someone in your family that likes to climb into their beds, then this could be an issue if there is nothing in place to stop them from falling off the end of the mattress. A bed skirt can help solve this problem as well as provide some extra warmth and beauty to your bedroom. They also come in handy when your sheets tucked under the mattress during sleep. You’ll want to make sure to use clips on the corners so they don’t slide around when you’re sleeping. It’s also important to make sure that the bed skirts aren’t too long so they don’t drag on the floor and collect dirt and grime over time.

How to Choose the Right Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is usually placed on top of the mattress to hide the space between the bed and the wall. However, with platform beds, it’s not necessary because there is no gap that needs to be hidden. A bed skirt should only available if it will provide additional benefits. Such as being aesthetically pleasing or adding a layer of warmth. If you choose to use one, remember that the longer length skirts work best with box springs and mattresses. However, shorter ones are better for frame bases. When purchasing your new bed skirt, consider what type of material you want it made out of. For example, cotton or polyester. And also consider how often you plan to wash it (such as once per week).


The answer to the question is not an easy one. It’s one of those things that can go either way, depending on how you want your bedroom to look like and what your personal preference is.

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