Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey and the mashed potatoes, the stuffing and the pumpkin pie. It’s also about napkins! Make your holiday meal even more beautiful with these Thanksgiving napkin folding ideas, some of which double as place cards. You can even use them as inspiration to start folding napkins at your other family dinners throughout the year!

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Ideas
1) The Classic Fold

The classic fold is a timeless option that has stood the test of time. This technique is easy to learn and can be used for any occasion. Start by folding your napkin in half vertically so that the fold lines are parallel to one another. From there, fold it in half horizontally so that the two folds meet at the center of your napkin. Next, make an X with your hands (place the index finger of one hand on top of the index finger on the other hand) and bring both sets of fingers down to each corner point on your napkin. Next, tuck in each side corner until they reach their corresponding opposite side corners. Lastly, gently pull up from each corner so that you create a rectangular-shaped package out of your napkin.

2) The Pyramid Fold

The pyramid fold is an elegant and easy way to fold napkins. To do this you will need a square of paper or fabric and a napkin. Place the napkin on the paper, then take the bottom left corner of the paper and fold it over to meet at the top edge of the square. Take the bottom right corner of your paper and fold it over to meet at the top edge of your square. Continue doing this until you have folded all four corners. Next take one side of the paper and fold it up to form a triangle. Now twist that end in a spiral around the center point in front of you (this will make for an interesting present for your guests). Next, take another side of the paper and fold it up to form another triangle. Twist this side in a spiral around the other end. You should now be looking at two triangles facing each other with their spirals touching. Finally, take the last two sides of your paper and fold them up to form two more triangles. Twist these sides together so they create a final sculpture resembling a pyramid.

3) The Fan Fold

The fan fold is one of the most common napkin folds, and it’s also one of the easiest. To make this fold, start by folding your napkin in half lengthwise, then unfold it again. Fold it in half width-wise, then unfold it again. Then take a corner of the napkin and fold it to the center of the napkin to form a triangular shape. Next, tuck the left side of the triangle into the right side of the triangle and hold it there with your thumb. Turn your hand over so that you can see what you’ve done so far; this will give you an idea for how to finish off the rest. Finish off by tucking all three corners into each other in order from top left to bottom right, leaving a small flap on top that can be used as a handle when lifting up your napkin later on. Once you have made this fold, repeat on the opposite side of your napkin to make two triangles.

4) The Silverware Pouch Fold

The Silverware Pouch Fold is a great way to keep your silverware from getting mixed up with the other utensils and it looks pretty cool, too. Here’s how to do it: Take a napkin and fold it in half the long way.Fold the left side over so that it overlaps the right side. Take the folded left edge of the napkin and tuck it under its self . Fold the right side over so that it covers up the left side. Fold the top down about halfway so that you have a sort of square shaped pouch for holding forks, knives or spoons.

5) TheBow Tie Fold

One of the most classic and easy napkins to fold is the bow tie. Start by folding your napkin in half, then fold each side so that they are perpendicular to one another. From there, take one of the two corners on the right (assuming you folded it in half) and fold it over to form a triangle. Take the corner that’s left over and fold it over the other side so that they meet at a point in the middle. Tuck the triangular flap under the edge of the main part of your napkin. Finally, fold up the bottom-most flap so that it sits atop the rest of your napkin.

6) The Rose Fold

This is a popular napkin fold that’s easy to master and makes a beautiful presentation. 1. Fold the napkin in half so that one side of the crease is facing up and the other is facing down. 2. Fold the top edge of the napkin toward you, so it wraps around the bottom edge of the folded napkin and meets with its counterpart on top of it, creating a V shape. 3. Tuck the pointed ends underneath each other, then bring them back out and wrap them around again until they meet at the center of the napkin. 4. Pull both sides apart gently to stretch out the folds before placing onto your lap or setting onto a table or tray. Rose-folded napkins are often used for dessert courses since they provide an elegant way to wipe hands after eating cookies or pie crusts.

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