Three Ways to Style Your Throw Blanket on Your Bed

Throw blankets are perfect for keeping you warm in the colder months, but don’t know what to do with them when it’s not cold outside? No problem! Here are three ways you can style your throw blanket so it’s not just for chilly weather anymore. You can place it over the foot of your bed, over the duvet or comforter, or even use it as extra cushioning on your bed if you have an air mattress or futon where you sleep. Each option will give your bed a whole new look and feel, so check out how to style a throw blanket now!

No problem! Here are three ways you can style your throw blanket so it’s not just for chilly weather anymore

The Classic: Folded at the Foot of the Bed

This is the easiest and most common way of styling a blanket on your bed. Simply fold the blanket so that one side is touching the other, then place it at the foot of your bed. You can even tuck some pillows in there for added comfort. If you want to go bold with this look, try using an accent color for the backside of the throw blanket. If you want something a little more bold than just folding the throw along its long edge, try folding it along one side instead! Once again, fold both ends towards each other until they meet in the middle.

The Modern: draped over the pillows

One of the easiest ways to show off your favorite throw blanket is by draping it over your pillows. So it hangs down like you’re cuddling up with it. This style is perfect if you want something low-key and simple – just make sure the blanket is the right size for your bed. You can also add an accent pillow for some extra color or pattern. If you don’t mind a little messiness in your bedroom, lay the blanket flat on your bed. Just as if you were going to nap or read it immediately after laying down at night.

The Cozy: wrapped around you

It’s cold outside, but you’re enjoying the warmth of your bed. The best way to enjoy this feeling is by wrapping yourself up in your favorite throw blanket. You can wrap it around yourself, tucking it under your arm or behind your neck for extra warmth. Or, if you want something more spread out and over the bed, simply drape it over the bedspread and tie the ends together like you would with a duvet cover. Finally, if you have an additional blanket on top of the bedspread already, simply place the throw at one end or side of the bed. These are three simple ways to style your favorite blankie. So that it makes all the difference when it comes time to snuggle into your cozy cocoon for sleep.

Here is the detailed video for you.


In the end, you want your throw blanket to feel like an extension of your bed. Whether it’s used as decoration or for warmth, you want it to make sense with the space and look intentional. The best way to do that is by taking into consideration what type of bedding you have and what style of room you’re trying to create. When picking out colors, think about whether you want a more neutral palette or something bolder with more color.

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