Tips For How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

Keeping your laptop clean is crucial to making sure your device runs efficiently. If your laptop has a keyboard, it’s even more important. Laptops have become a regular part of our lives, and we use them to surf the web, write emails, and play games. It’s easy to get carried away, and cleaning your laptop keyboard is an easy way to maintain its efficiency. Here you’ll find tips for how to clean your laptop keyboard and keep it in good shape.

Shut off and unplug your device before cleaning your laptop keyboard

Despite the fact that you won’t be placing liquids directly on your laptop, you should still turn it off fully to ensure that nothing is harmed in the event that some moisture does enter. Remove the power cord after shutting down the laptop using the Power Options menu.

By shutting off the power, you can avoid getting shocked and avoid unwittingly emailing your boss in error.

Turn the laptop on its side and give it a light tap or shake.

This will remove any large dust accumulations, food particles, or other material that may be wedged in your keyboard’s crevices. It will be simpler to perform more thorough cleaning later on if the major items are removed initially. Before shaking out the laptop, it would be helpful to place a towel below to make cleanup simpler.

Use compressed air to spray between the keys to eliminate dust

Before using the straw, make sure it is connected to the compressed air can. Spray between the keys quickly while going from one side of the keyboard to the other while tilting the keyboard to one side. Any material wedged between or below the keys will be ejected by the force of the air.
Compressed air is available in stores that provide office and home supplies.

Never spray compressed air while holding the can upside down since the propellant could enter the keyboard and harm the internal components.

A damp microfiber cloth

A short swipe over the keyboard’s keys will help remove some of the filth that has accumulated because microfiber is excellent at drawing dust. You can substitute a lint-free cloth if you don’t have a microfiber cloth.

Use a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe away tenacious filth

Alcohol quickly evaporates, making it a safer option for cleaning your laptop than water. Additionally, alcohol works particularly well to remove the greasy residue that your fingertips leave behind. Just be careful not to pour alcohol directly onto the keyboard; always put it to the cotton ball first.
You can run a cotton swab along the sides of the keys after dipping it in alcohol to clean in between the keys.

A disinfectant wipe can eliminate germs

You can use a disinfectant wipe to wipe the surface of the keys if you’re worried about germs, such as after you’ve recovered from a cold or if you’re using a shared computer. However, avoid using wipes that contain chlorine because they can harm the keys’ protective coating. And never spray disinfectant on a laptop since they have too much moisture in them.

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