Why I Chose a Playboy Bedding Set for My Queen Size Bed

I can honestly say that my bedroom has never looked better than it does with this bedding set on it, and I know that once you see what I have to show you, you’ll feel the same way. So here it is! My new queen-size bed and all of the gorgeous pieces of bedding in it come together to make the perfect combination of style and comfort that I know you’re going to love. But first, let me tell you more about why I went with this brand and these particular pieces to put in my bedroom!

It was time for an upgrade

I was looking at my old bedding set, and it just didn’t seem right anymore. It had served me well, but I felt like it was time to upgrade and try something new. When I saw this bedding set online, I really liked the design and the color of the sheets. Plus, the company is family-owned! I know that when I buy products from companies that are committed to supporting their employees in all aspects, not just financially, I feel better about my purchase. As soon as the package arrived on my doorstep, I could tell that this bedding set was going to last a long time: it’s made with 100% cotton that’s been pre-shrunk so there’s no shrinking after you wash it! Now that’s quality you can count on!

I wanted something sexy

I live with my husband, and we wanted to spice up our bedroom. We both have jobs where people see us all day, so when we come home at night we want to be able to express ourselves and let loose in the privacy of our home. When we found the Playboy bedding set, it was perfect because there’s something sexy about that name. The colors are pretty but not too bright, which is perfect because it goes well with any room color without being overbearing. Plus, it’s great quality so I know it’ll last us for years.

I needed something new

I had been looking at bedding sets for weeks now and could not find anything that I loved. The set on the left was too feminine. he set on the right was too masculine, but this one in the middle is just perfect! It is feminine enough to match with other pillows in my room but still has some masculinity to it. Plus, it’s really affordable!

I wanted to make my bedroom my own

When I first moved into my new apartment, the only thing that made me happy was the fact that it had a queen-sized bed. After living there awhile, though, I started to notice how boring everything in my room looked. Sure, it was spacious and clean and safe but it lacked personality.

I knew exactly what to do! Instead of buying brand new furniture (which would cost quite a bit). I decided to spice up my room by buying some fun new sheets! The best way to make any bedroom feel more like home is with a comfy pillow top mattress and soft sheets.

I did some research on different types of sheets but they all seemed too plain or ugly or expensive.

I wanted something that would make me feel good

I have always had an affinity for the brand and lifestyle that they represent. It is so much more than just the magazines. It’s about the beauty and class of the women, but also their confidence in themselves and their bodies. I wanted something that would make me feel good. Not only when I was in bed but when I looked at my bedroom. And as you all know, this is where we spend most of our time.

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