Why You Need a Wedge Pillow for Reading in Bed

A wedge pillow, also known as a cervical pillow, is an excellent tool to help you read in bed comfortably and without strain on your neck and back. These specially designed pillows are great when you need to prop yourself up while sitting up in bed or reading in bed with your partner, as they allow you to sit up straight without straining your neck muscles or compressing your lower back. Here are something you should know about this.

The Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow

A wedge pillow is so essential to reading comfortably in bed. It provides the perfect elevation to support your back, neck, and head while you read. Not only that but it can make all the difference when it comes to getting comfortable. A firm and supportive mattress paired with a good quality wedge pillow will give you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Here are some of the other benefits of using a wedge pillow:

– It keeps your spine aligned, which in turn helps reduce pain and stiffness

– The angle helps relieve pain from headaches, sore muscles or joints, morning sickness (during pregnancy), high blood pressure or migraines – It can help prevent snoring by reducing pressure on the airway

– If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn, it could alleviate symptoms because it elevates your upper body enough to allow food and liquid to go down without coming up.

– If you have difficulty sleeping because of chronic pain or anxiety, this pillow could offer relief because it forces the person using it into a more upright position.

– With its unique shape, size, and design, this pillow offers variety as well as comfort during use. There are many different styles available including full length wedges that provide lumbar support in addition to just resting at an incline!

How to Choose the Right Wedge Pillow?

There are many different wedge pillows on the market. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one will work best for reading in bed? Read on to find out!

1) Be sure that the height of the pillow is right for your body. If you can’t sit up straight when lying down, then it’s too high. Too low and you won’t be able to comfortably read while propped up.

2) The pillow should be made of a soft material like memory foam or latex because they are more comfortable than hard materials like wood or metal.

3) The surface area of the wedge is also important. It should provide support all the way from your neck to your lower back. Some pillows only have supports along the back of the spine, but this isn’t enough support for most people who want to read in bed without getting uncomfortable.

4) Many people think a thick wedge is better but this isn’t always true. The thickness just needs to provide ample support depending on what type of person you are and what type of mattress you have. For example, someone with an extra-firm mattress may need an extra-thick pillow whereas someone with a softer mattress may not need as much thickness at all.

5) Don’t forget about overall size either!

Here is a video about how to DIY a wedge pillow for reading in bed.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedge Pillow

-If you’re reading in bed, be sure to keep your knees and hips as elevated as possible. This will help alleviate pressure on your lower back.

-If you’re watching TV, try propping up the head of your bed with pillows or blankets.

-A wedge pillow can provide relief for women who experience menstrual cramps. It will also help if you have acid reflux or heartburn issues. For example, it’s common for people to sleep with a wedge pillow under their stomachs during pregnancy to reduce discomfort from the weight of their growing belly.

-Keep in mind that if you suffer from asthma or another respiratory condition like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), it’s important not to sleep on your side. Lying flat can block airways and make breathing difficult.

-You’ll want to avoid using a heavy blanket or comforter when using this type of pillow because they could lead to overheating which is unsafe while sleeping.

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