5 Reasons to Use Silicone Baking Cups

If you bake as often as I do, you’ve probably had the experience of your baked good sticking to the pan in places, or maybe even crumbling apart as you tried to get it out of the pan. Silicone baking cups can help make your baking easier, and they’re much easier to clean than standard metal pans. Here are five reasons why silicone baking cups are useful to have on hand in your kitchen.

Silicon Baking Cups
1) Silicone bakes evenly

The material doesn’t hold onto moisture, which means that it’s safe to place silicone baking cups in a microwave and dishwasher. Silicone is easy to clean: While conventional paper baking cups can crack or break apart in a microwave, silicone is soft and flexible. These qualities make cleaning these baking cups quick, easy, and hassle-free. Silicone bakes more evenly than paper baking cups: Unlike their paper counterparts, silicone baking cups don’t buckle under high heat.

2) Makes a perfect cup every time

Silicone cups are flexible, so they’ll conform around any kind of cupcake or muffin. The nonstick surface means your baked goods will slip right out with minimal effort, and since silicone won’t crack or warp over time like paper liners, you can use these reusable baking cups for years. They also come in a rainbow of colors—your friends will be envious!

3) Flexible and reusable

Unlike traditional cupcake liners that are discarded after a single use, silicone cups can be washed and reused multiple times. They’re also flexible enough that they don’t need to be greased, making cleanup even easier. You can store them safely in your pantry between uses without fear of getting a stale flavor from them sitting for too long. For these reasons, silicon baking cups make excellent vessels for casseroles or foods that need to bake at low temperatures for a longer amount of time.

4) Stackable

You can stack these cups in your cupboard and take up less space than traditional muffin pans. This helps save space, which is especially helpful when you are short on storage or counter space in your kitchen. Even if you have enough room for a traditional pan, it’s nice not having to store yet another bulky item. Whether it’s saving room for more ingredients or making your kitchen appear cleaner and more organized, silicon baking cups stack easily and make your life easier!

5) Dishwasher safe

The silicone cups are completely dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. The silicone can withstand hundreds of uses before wearing down, so you’ll save money on paper cups for years to come. When your baking needs change, simply replace these reusable silicon cups with other sizes from the same manufacturer. In fact, multiple sizes often come in one package, saving even more time and money over time.

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