Fun Facts About Shot Glasses You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’re more of a shots-type of guy or girl and prefer to use shot glasses instead of cocktail glasses, then you’ve probably already seen your fair share of these tiny alcohol receptacles. However, there are some interesting facts about them that you might not have known if you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of shot glasses. Here are some facts about shot glasses that might surprise you!

there are some interesting facts about them that you might not have known if you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of shot glasses

Uses for a shot glass

Shot glasses come in many shapes and sizes, and the choice of a particular glass is determined by the type of shot to be taken. Some people might prefer a short, wide glass for whiskey or cognac shots, while others might opt for a taller, narrower glass for tequila shots. It’s always wise to choose a sturdy, thick-walled shot glass that can withstand repeated use without breaking. A shaker filled with ice may also be used as a makeshift (but not very convenient) substitute for an actual drink glass.

Types of shot glasses

One of the most popular types is a stemmed shot glass. This type has a small base that sits on the rim of a larger glass, like a wine glass. In addition, the stem keeps your hands away from the heat and makes it easier to pour liquid into a smaller opening in the top of the cup. The other kind of common shot glass is a straight-sided or cylinder shaped cup with no stem and a round bottom. These are often used for tequila shots, which come with salt sprinkled across the inside. Some people prefer this style because they feel it helps them drink faster due to how tall and narrow the glasses are.

A third variety of shot glass is Irish coffee mug. It’s for drinking a hot alcoholic beverage like whiskey or brandy, as opposed to pouring out liquid from an opened bottle.

If you want, you can also make one by yourself as the video shows.

The environmental impact of a disposable shot glass

The material of a disposable shot glass is plastic, which takes between 450-950 years to decompose in landfills. The petroleum that was to make the plastic can take anywhere from 50-100 years to decompose. In addition, when it is tossed into the trash, it doesn’t break down like other recyclable materials. Instead, it stays intact and just sits in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Simple ways to reuse your old drinking glasses

Generally, there are many ways to reuse your old drinking glasses. For example, you can use them as planters or candle holders. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on how to reuse your old drinking glasses!

1. Use an empty glass as a vase.

2. Make a decorative holder by putting moss and flowers in the bottom of the glass and filling the rest with water (then put it somewhere sunny!)

3. Cut off the top of the glass, place some stones inside and fill with sand to create an instant centerpiece that is completely recyclable when finished with!

4. Put a colorful towel over the top of your iced drink to keep bugs away.

5. Place small candles inside them and watch them light up!

6. Then line up several shot glasses filled with paint on a tray to make temporary painting trays for kids.

7. Turn one upside down and place another upside down over it so they connect at their rims to make a flower pot – this one is especially fun because you can plant whatever seeds or plants you want right in the cups themselves!

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