Paper Towel: You Must Need It in Your Kitchen

Paper towels are a must-have in every home. While you might think that you only use them to clean up spills, there are so many other ways you can use them. Here are 4 unusual uses for paper towels that will have you wondering how you ever lived without them!

paper towel

The difference between kitchen paper towels and ordinary paper towels is that the former have a higher safety factor, better water absorption, and better tension performance of the paper. In addition, kitchen paper is harder than the ordinary one.

What else can we do with kitchen paper towels?
  1. If you are going to make a beef steak for lunch, before laying it in the fryer, you should use a peice of paper towel to blot the surface of the blood.
  2. You must ever find your kitchen towel stinky after using it once for a tiny meal without rinsing it. It is really beneth washing kitchen towels everytime even if you’ve just making a scrambled egg. And at this time, a peice of kitchen paper towel will help a lot.
  3. After cooking something very greasy, you will find that the inside of your pan must be covered with oil. It’s inconvenient to clean and also greasy and disgusting. There’s a solution. Before pouring water in it, you can use kitchen paper towels to wipe it once or twice.
  4. Kitchen utensils will get a thin layer of oil after a period of use. If not cleaned in time, it will leave hard to clean the seal. To make it easy, you can just pull of a peice of kitchen paper towel and wipe them with towel.
Features of kitchen paper towel:
  • Suitable size
  • Easy to pull up
  • Better water-absorbing quality and oil-absorbing quality
  • Produced from 100% recycled paper

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