Adjustable Desk: No Matter How High You Prefer

The adjustable desk for the office is the latest trend in ergonomics and comfort. With an adjustable desk, you can set up the height of your desk to your preference. There are many benefits to using an adjustable desk, including comfort, productivity, and health. If you have ever sit at the desk in your office for a long time, your waist and cervical spine will ache very much. And if you alternate standing and sitting to do your work, there won’t have any pain on your body.

adjustable table
Types of Adjustable Desk
Screw Adjustment

Screw adjustment is the earliest adjustment method of lifting table. Adjust the height of the table by the position of the screw stuck in the hole. This adjustment mode is quite simple. If you want to adjust the height, you can just put the screw to the appropriate position.

But the disadvantage of screw adjustment lifting is also obvious, that is, every time you have to unscrew the screw, reinstall the table foot and desktop connection. It takes much more time and efforts. The most important thing is that the hole interval is fixed, and screws can only be inserted into fixed holes. That means height adjustment is skip type, so there are certain limitations.

Knob Adjustment

Because of the inconvenience and limitation of screw adjustment, the table with knob adjusting lifting invented. The principle of this table is to squeeze through the knobs to fix the table top and legs of the joint. When you need to adjust the height, squeeze the knob loose, adjust the table to the required height, and then squeeze the knob to fix it.

The advantage of the knob adjustment is that there is no need to re-unscrew the assembly, only through the tightness of the knob could you adjust the height of the table, which is really convenient. But the fixed effect of this way is general, because only the knob against the table leg connection, a long time will have a certain sliding. So you need to pay attention to regular inspection squeeze.

Hand-cranking Adjustment

Now more and more children’s learning table, using hand-cranking, can be said to have a great improvement. It is no longer working through screws or knobs to adjust, but through the hand lift bar, easily adjusting the height of the table, and even children can operate the lift without difficulty.

The advantage of hand lifting is that it is child friendly, safe and convenient, and easy to operate. Hand lifting to avoid the knob lifting fixed problems, and more convenient than screw lifting. The most important thing is that the hand lift can be stepless adjustment, for children who are growing the body, it is really the most suitable.

Electric Adjustment

With the development of science and technology, the lifting desk has also been updated, equipped with electric remote control adjustment. The desk is built in motor, through the button electric operation. Instead of bending over, the desk can be raised or lowered as high as you want by simply pressing a button attached to the desk.



You have to consider both the use and price of the adjustable desk, and make the decision before insight into the survey. Even though the electric adjustable desk is much cooler, you should choose the most suitable one for you. Best wishes!

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