Cherry: A Keyboard Manufacturer You Must Know!

Cherry is a global professional keyboard manufacturer, focusing on electronic products brand. It is located in Germany, famous for mechanical keyboards. If you were a fan of mechanical keyboard or computer games, cherry must be one of your best choice for keyboard. The most famous product of Cherry is MX Switch. In fact, Cherry’s MX Switch mechanical shaft is regarded as the most classic mechanical keyboard Switch. Today I’d like to give you a breif introduction to Cherry. Let’s move on.


Cherry was founded by Mr. Walter L. Cherry. It manufactures switches, sensors, and keyboard space components. Cherry’s high quality products are sold all over the world. In order to establish Cherry’s sales advantage and market position, Cherry has set up 13 companies and factories in the United States and all over the world. In addition, Cherry employs senior engineers and sales personnel to provide customers with high quality products and services. Quality leadership, advanced technology and customer satisfaction are the foundation of Cherry’s success.

The main factors that affect the feel of the mechanical keyboard include the types of the mechanical shaft, the material and technology of the key cap, and the overall workmanship. The most important of all is the mechanicla shaft, which will be further described as follows.

Types of mechanical axis

If you experience a Cherry, Keyclick, Linear Action, Alternate Action or Ergonamic and SoftContact, four mechanical axis of the keyboard. And the difference in feelings, trigger key travel and pressures are the most distinguishable point. The feeling of keys when pressing is the “Click” sound in the process of pressing the keyboard keys as the judging standard. And trigger key travel is the minimun distance required when pressing the button switch triggered. The number of grams of pressure is the amount of force required to press the key. The difference between these factors is determined by the internal structure of the mechanical shaft and the spring.


It is the representative axis of the mechanical keyboard. Actually, it needs to press down 2.4mm before it can be triggered. The typing rhythm is full, but the sound is loud and noisy. Some people compare it to Cherry spring, due to its crisp feeling as comfortable as spring.

Linear Action

The feeling when pressing of it is the least obvious and it also has the lowest sound. In sharp contrast to the green axis, it can be triggered by pressing down 2.0mm. Some people compare it to Cherry summer, whether you want to speed or slow input, black axis can cope with it. However, due to the short trigger key distance, pressure grams of large, so it has a good performance during playing games.

Alternate Action or Ergonamic

Compared with the keyclick axis, the pressing feeling of it is much weaker, while compared with the linear action axis, it does not feel straight up and down. The alternate action axis can be triggered by 2mm, which is a relatively luxurious mechanical axis. Some people compare it to the autumn of Cherry, which combines the characteristics of the green axis and the black axis and is easily accepted by the public. Actually, the color of it is closer to the color of the autumn harvest.

Soft Contact

The pressing feeling of it is stronger than alternate action axis. And on account of large pressure grams, it is more laborious to press up, need 2.2mm can be triggered. Some people compare it to Cherry’s winter, not only because it is white, but need more pressure when pressing than the linear action axis. And also the pressing feeling is like being trapped in snow, which is hard to describ.

Here’s a video showing the sounds of different cherry mx switches.

Cherry MX Switch Comparison - KeyMouse


Before purchasing a cherry mx board, you’d better to try as more types as possible and choose the one suits you most. Or you can just buy a kind of keyboard which you can DIY its axis.

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