Cleaning Brush: Clean the Dust in Your Computer Termly

The dust that builds up inside your computer can have a significant impact on your computer’s performance. It can cause your computer to overheat or even short circuits. You can keep your computer running at its best by regularly cleaning the inside of your computer. In this post, you’ll learn how to clean the dust inside your computer.

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Generally speaking, heat dissipation of desktop is better. But working for a long time, will produce a lot of dust, which will affect the operation of the computer. If there’s too much dust, it is easy for circuit to get burnt. At the same time, it will be quite noisy while operating, like a big machine. Here follows steps to clean the dust in desktop.

First unplug all the main box wires. There is no need for a screwdriver. You can unscrew the main box directly by hand. Then remove one side of the mainframe cover. After opening the case, you can see that the radiator, which is a small electric fan, needs to be removed. Turn a few knobs around the radiator in the same direction, and then hold the radiator with your hand, and you can take it out with a little strength.

After removing the radiator, there is still a sheet of metal on the radiator, which has a lot of dust in it. It doesn’t take much effort to remove the radiator. After the heat sink is taken off, in normal cases, you can see there covers a lot of dust. The dust will affect the operation of the radiator, thereby affecting the cooling effect. Use a cleaning brush to clean, and then use a tool to blow until the dust is cleared.

Generally speaking, dust is mainly on the radiator, but there is still a lot of dust on the main board and CPU. Use a brush to brush most of the dust off or loose the brush, and then use the blast tool to blow.

And that’s it. What you need to do next is just to put all the devices and wires back to where they used to be.


Our laptop in use for a period of time, its keyboard, fan and other places are easy to accumulate dust, affecting the use of the computer and heat dissipation. So we need to clean up in time. But for this kind of precision equipment, we must pay much more attention to cleaning methods, otherwise it is easy to damage the laptop.

Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface of the screen and gently wipe the entire screen sideways and back. You should not damage it by pressing hard on the screen or trying to scrape off stubborn stains. Wet a clean sponge, wring out the water, and gently wipe the screen without scrubbing. Or you can also use cleaning wipes, but make sure they don’t contain harsh cleaners like ammonia or bleach.

Before removing the laptop, you need to completely power off the laptop. If your laptop is still in the warranty period, it is not recommended to remove the dust. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the laptop, and remove the heat pipe, cooling fin, and cooling fan.

First of all, carefully pull out the power supply 4PIN connector of the cooling fan, and then take out the radiator fan, sweep it with a brush, and blow out the dust inside the laptop with a blast tool. Then you can clean and dry the heat sink and heat pipe to reinstall. Before finishing the clean, you should firstly check whether the computer is normal and whether the heat dissipation fan is rotating by placing your hand on the heat dissipation air outlet.

How to Clean Your PC | Computers and Coffee


It is a good chance for you to get more knowledge of your PC or laptop by disassemble them. However, in order to make sure they won’t be damaged, you’d better make full preparation or just take it to professional worker for help. Best wishes!

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