Paper Clips: Hundreds of Uses You Don’t Know about

A paper clip is a very common piece of stationery. It is a piece of wire bent back and forth. The paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is nothing more than a small piece of bent wire that holds paper. And the paper clip went through many iterations before it was made into the shape we use today. However, it might not as simple as you thought. On the contrary, there are many different uses you might have never thought of. Let’s have a look.

paper clip

An inch long thin steel wire is bent several times to become a paper clip. In the office, one of the main uses of a paper clip is to hold a stack of paper together. If you look closely, the small side of the paper clip is actually a little upturned, so many people like to put the small side up. In fact, it’s easy to scratch the paper when you pull it out. The correct way is to turn the big side up.

Some people like to use paper clips as decorations, the most common is the love paper clip. This method is a little unsanitary, so please be cautious about deciding to learn or not. Place the paper clip upright in your mouth and press your upper and lower teeth to create a heart-shaped paper clip.

paper clip

What we should bear in mind when using paper clips is that they can become whatever shape we need.

If you find yourself forget your phone holder at the office which might reduce your productivity, you can then bend a few paper clips and place them under the phone to create a simple phone stand. Remember, always put the widest side at the bottom.

Similarly, if we can’t find the pin for our phone, we can use a paper clip instead. Simply straighten one end of it and insert the end into the small hole next to the card slot. Thus we can easily remove the card.

In this age of electronic information, everyone has some kind of electronic device. Then comes the problem of data line storage. If you don’t manage this well, your desk will become cluttered and your wires will become tangled, which will affect your productivity. Therefore, attach one end of the paper clip to the rubber band, and you can quickly collect and organize data cables. Of course the most convenient way for you should be tested by yourself.

In addition, the paper clip can be used as a bookmark. You can clip the paper clip to the page where the bookmark is to be placed. It is convenient and you won’t worry about the bookmark coming off. If you want, you can also put some decorations on the paper clips to make your bookmarks look nicer.

During your breaks at work, you might always open a bag of snacks, like chips or something else. But as you get ready, or have to go back to work, you realize you haven’t finished your crisps yet. On the one hand, the leader is urging you to work. On the other hand, if you do not eat in time, you will lose his original and the best taste of snacks. What would you choose? If I were you, I’d pick up the plastic bag of crisps with a paper clip and put them away, finishing the task as soon as possible before enjoying a snack.

At work, there may be times when you roll up your sleeves to show you are working hard, or simply feel hot. Roll up your sleeves to show that you are competent when presenting at a meeting. And if the sleeve slides down, it will cause you a lot of trouble. While you are busy rolling up your sleeves, you have to explain your point to the audience. So at this point, if you use a paper clip to hold the sleeve in place, you don’t have to worry your impassioned movements would have any effect on your sleeve.

Here’s a video showing how to open a lock with a paper clip. By the way, it is not suggested to open someone’s door without permission.

Open a Lock with a Paper Clip


Paper clips have high degree of freedom and you can transform it into any shape you want. So make full use of that, and you will unlock many fancy and useful equipments.

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