Supports for Your Tough Office Hours

Nowadays, although the office hours are not very long for most cases, many people do not pay attention to their sitting posture. Over time, this will put a lot of pressure on people’s cervical spine. And as the time goes by, the cervical spine has a sense of fatigue, and even pain.


Therefore, we should give our necks a little wiggle every time after working for an hour or two. You can also stand up and do something else, such as looking into the distance, to relax your neck. Not only in the state of work, even in the case of daily games or entertainment, long time to use the computer, will also have an impact on the cervical spine.

In such cases, it is essential to use some tools to decompress and relax. In the office or at home, in many cases not particularly convenient, there are a lot of gadgets, such as neck pillow, support pillow, etc.. In this article, I’d like to give you a breif introduction of many supports for your purchase as a convenience.

An Important Material

Memory foam: Memory foam, also known as slow rebound, was developed in the 1960s by HEALTHMAN, a NASA subsidiary, and is an open cellular structure. It has the characteristics of temperature sensing and decompression. Can also be said to be a kind of temperature sensing decompression material. In the early 1990s, Sweden Fagerdala company developed it again as a product for civil use, And it was first widely popularized and applied in medical emergency and monitoring system. Then it spread rapidly in developed countries, especially health-conscious ones like Japan.

Characteristics You Need to Pay Attention

First of all, it should be able to absorb the impact. You should feel as if you are floating on water/clouds while leaning against it. In addition, there should be no pressure on your skin. Also known as zero pressure, sometimes when we use a regular pillow, there will be pressure on the pinna, but with memory foam pillow, this will not happen.

Second, according to the ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic molding ability can fix the head, reduce the possibility of stiff pillow. The ability to automatically shape properly fills the shoulder space. It will avoid the common problem of air leakage in the shoulder bed. So that it can effectively prevent cervical spine problems.

Anti – bacteria and anti – mites are very necessary. The slow rebound sponge can inhibit the growth of mold and drive away the irritant odor produced by the growth of mold. This odor becomes more prominent in situations such as sweat stains and saliva. So your supports need to be made of anti-bacterial and anti-mite materials, or equipped with some techonology with this kind of effect.

Last but not least, gas permeability and moisture absorption are very important for pillows. A good quality neck pillow should be connected between each component unit, have good moisture absorption performance, but also should have a well gas permeability.

Here’s a video introducing how to choose or make a back support for yourself.

How to Choose & Use a Lumbar (Back) Support-Buy or Make Your Own


Health is the most important thing for us. In the office, a neck pillow or back support might help. Don’t bother doing this. After all, if you have a cervical or spinal problem, you will face much more unbearable pain.

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