Decathlon: You Must Know Something about Quechua

Decathlon is a sportswear retailer from France. It was founded by Michel Rellec in 1976, with its first store in Enlos, a small village near Lille, France. To provide chain sports goods business and sports whole industry chain support, and has a rich line of private brand products. For beginners and professionals, decathlon can provide sports apparel, equipment and a variety of creative sports products. The model controlled by the whole industry chain makes its products have high cost performance. If you are outdoor enthusiasts, you must know something about Quechua.


Quechua is a brand of sports products from Decathlon, the largest chain store of sports products in Europe. It specializes in mountain sports products series among various brands in Decathlon. Quechua originally refers to the brave people who live in the Andes mountains. So it is used as the name of the mountain brand. Its products include hiking, mountaineering, skiing or skateboarding, and its research and development center is located at the foot of Mont Blanc.

“An ideal hiking backpack, in addition to having multiple mezzanine layers that allow users to easily store all their equipment, would also provide complete ease and comfort during long walks and crawls.” During the design of Quechua backpack, the first priority is the function and functionality of the backpack. And, it is constantly from the feedback provided by the users, we will bring out more and better quality design.

Arpenaz 10L

Small backpack recommendation: “Arpenaz” capacity of 10 liters of small backpack, due to the use of folding technology. In fact, the backpack weight is only 160 grams, the shoulder belt is added to absorb the shock sponge. Therefore, this lightweight backpack is suitable for all body types and has up to ten designs to choose from. In addition to being quite suitable for moving between cities, hiking or mountaineering, it also breaks the restriction that hiking backpacks can only be used when hiking.

Forclaz Air 20L

Rural mountain backpacks recommendation: she not only the classic twenty liters of “Forclaz Air capacity, strengthen the general demand for” breathable “, such as back using the cool feeling ventilation technology, reduce the discomfort caused by sweating, and the use of joint shape of bow back design, add the thumb and belt buckle, can make weight more evenly in the body.

Forclaz Easyfit 60L

Days hiking backpack recommendation: if demand for the above itinerary, 60 litres of Forclaz Easyfit “is absolutely can’t miss. In addition to have back ventilation design, adding the user size can adjust the design of the back and shoulder straps, reduce discomfort after using for days and days. What’s more, at the bottom of the bag also accompanied by rain, preparing for the time in the face of the change in the weather.

Quechua - Sac à dos Forclaz Easyfit 60

The biggest feature of Decathlon is that all the products of its brands, from research and development, design, procurement, production and sales. It is completely operated by itself, so that everyone can easily have high-quality sports equipment concept.

Also, on quality control, have each backpack process management, namely “production record”, including the raw material why detailing the backpack, from where and which process, what kind of steps, etc., to ensure that every internal line homework personnel. So, they can clearly know the current process of each bag. However, there is another group of personnel will be practical to the scene to examine the whole process. Whether from the entry to the finished product, it will be confirmed again to prevent possible problems or errors.

Quechua Kids Adults X-Sports Decathlon 10L Outdoor Day Backpack Small - Dark Charcoal

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