6 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Classroom!

These days, many schools like to celebrate Thanksgiving as an opportunity to teach students about the history of the holiday and its significance. If you’re teaching a lesson on this topic, take some time to incorporate these DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas into your classroom! They’re easy, colorful, and they won’t break the bank! What’s not to love? Make sure to read through all six thanksgiving decoration ideas for your classroom before deciding which one (or ones!) will be best for you and your students!

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Classroom
1) Paper Plate Turkey

Get your kids in the spirit with this Paper Plate Turkey craft. It’s a great way to get kids to work on their fine motor skills while they’re learning about the holiday season. All you’ll need is two paper plates, two googly eyes, a brown crayon, and some glue. Cut out a strip of paper and attach it to one of the plates. Then cut strips of paper and attach them around the outside edge of that plate. Make sure the strips are small enough so they will be inside the lip of the other plate when you put them together. Glue or tape those pieces together to form the body of your turkey. Add googly eyes and a waddle for decoration.

2) Construction Paper Leaves

Cut out a leaf shape from construction paper, then use markers or crayons to color in the veins of the leaf.Place them on your window sill and watch them blow in the wind as you put up other decorations for the season. , with one edge touching the middle of the plate. Twist each end over itself so that it looks like a yarn ball, then tape the ends together securely. Hang it near your door so people can see it when they come into your room. Put two pipe cleaners thickly taped onto a green construction paper circle, then tape . Repeat for all nine leaves. Place them on your table to make a cute centerpiece!

3) Handprint Turkeys

This is a great craft for young children. All you need are some paint and paper, and the kids can make their handprints into turkeys. It’s also a perfect arts-and-crafts project to do with your students! Kids will love using their hands to create something so fun and creative that they can enjoy for many years to come. You’ll be able to see them on display all over the room, too! When it comes time for cleanup, just wipe off the paint from each child’s hands with a damp towel or baby wipes, and throw away the paper after everyone has gone home. You could also save these sheets of paper as decorations next year!

4) Give Thanks Banner

You can make an easy thanksgiving banner with a white piece of paper and some markers. Simply draw a line from one corner to the other and then write ‘give thanks’ in the middle of it. Next, color in each letter that you wrote. You can use markers for the letters or crayons for the numbers. If your kids are old enough, they can even help you create their own thanksgiving phrases on the banner. Be sure to put this banner somewhere where everyone can see it while they’re sitting down at their desk!

5) Thankful Tree

You may not have the time or space to go all out with a classroom-sized, three-dimensional thanksgiving tree, but you can still get your students in the holiday spirit with these quick and easy decoration ideas. 1. Have your students create paper turkeys that they can then cut out and hang from the ceiling. 2. Create a thankful tree from index cards to which you attach sticky notes on which your students write what they are thankful for. 3. Write student’s names at the top of strips of red construction paper. At the bottom, attach strips of green construction paper for leaves. Write ‘thankful’ at the top in white letters and draw a pumpkin at the bottom.


It’s so fun to decorate a cornucopia with stickers, markers, construction paper, glitter, feathers and any other craft materials that you might have. You’ll need an empty cereal box cut open on the top for the horn part and then attach another cereal box upside-down for the cone part. Then decorate away!

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