Check out These Outdoor Thanksgiving Yard Decorations that Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

Indoor Thanksgiving decorations are one thing, but outdoor Thanksgiving decorations are an entirely different story! From inflatable turkeys to string lights, here are our favorite outdoor Thanksgiving decorations that will make your neighbors wish they had thought of the idea first! If you have your own pictures or images to share, please be sure to include them in the comments section below!

outdoor thanksgiving yard decorations
Giant Lighted Turkey

A giant lighted turkey will be the centerpiece of your outdoor thanksgiving decorations. Hang this decoration from a tree or perch it on a table to make it look as if the turkey is roasting over an open flame. This decoration will add some festive flair to your lawn and everyone passing by will know you’re celebrating thanksgiving this year!

Cornucopia Yard Display

This is one of my favorite outdoor yard displays. It’s easy to make and sets the tone for a festive thanksgiving feast. All you need are colorful fall leaves, some mini pumpkins, and some brown paper lunch bags. Fill each bag with dried cranberries or popcorn kernels and tie it closed with a rubber band or ribbon. Then poke holes in the top of the bag and lay them end to end on your porch railing or front steps, alternating colors for a more festive look.

outdoor thanksgiving yard decorations
Animated Pilgrims and Indians

This 3D animated set of Pilgrims and Indians is a nice touch for your outdoor thanksgiving decorations. You can even choose to have the group of Indians on horses charge at the group of Pilgrims, or have them peacefully sharing a meal. The choice is yours! These are one-of-a-kind pieces that are guaranteed to be memorable. There is also an option for this piece with a settler house in the background. Plus, there’s so much more than just this one set; you’ll find many other designs within this category that are perfect for any occasion or setting.

Giant Inflatable Turkey

Every year as the leaves start to change and thanksgiving is just around the corner, it can be difficult to come up with new ways to decorate your home for thanksgiving. One way you can make your yard stand out this year is by getting a giant inflatable turkey. The best thing about this decoration is that it will last all season long, so you don’t have to worry about storage or dealing with any of the hassle after thanksgiving.

Lighted Pumpkin Pathway

We love when the days start to get shorter and it’s time for our favorite holidays. One of the best parts of Fall is getting to decorate our house with pumpkins and other Fall-themed decorations. It gets even better when we can make the outside of our house look as festive as the inside. Here are some great ideas for outdoor Thanksgiving decorations that will make your neighbors green with envy. Check them out and see if you’re interested in giving one of them a try this year. Create a welcoming entrance by lining the walkway or driveway with glow sticks and light up pumpkins (more on those below). These can be found at any major retailer or online. The lights won’t be too distracting at night since they emit only low levels of light, so you’ll still be able to enjoy your yard once the sun goes down!

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