Decorate Your House on International Peace Day!

Whether you’ve been busy with life, work or school, you may have missed the fact that it’s International Peace Day! This day is a great time for you to remember to do things that help you feel more peaceful in your life. That means, if you want to hold a party, or just make you feel a sense of ritual, you should decorate your home with things. Try these fun decorations for how you can decorate your home today!


On September 7, 2001, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, declaring that since 2002, the International Day of Peace lies in September 21. Every year since the International Day of Peace was established, the United Nations has marked the day with ceremonies and peace bells. They hope to reminded everyone to pay attention to, celebrate and commemorate this day.

So what can we do to make your house more “peace day”? The first thing before decorating your house is decorating yourself! Get international peace day T-shirts and send them to your friends and family members. Different styles are allowable of course. We can put up a big tapestry, hanging over the wall as a background. We can set some ornaments in living room and dining room. What’s more, it is a good idea to put stickers or pendant on the door, as if proclaming that today is the international peace day, so no more fight! In addition, if you decide to prepare a world peace day dinner for your family, a international peace day theme tablecloth must be your dish. And if there’s a party for world peace day, light strings can’t be left out. There are a lot of choices for you to decorate your home and make it more like peace day theme.

Main features of decorations
  • Wonderful bundle: including almost everything you need
  • Durable material: durable enough to be applied many times
  • Wide application: not only peace day, but hippie theme party groovy birthday party, etc.
  • Suitable size: hang it anywhere as you like

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