The Top 7 Thanksgiving Door Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving door decorating ideas are one of the most fun parts of the holiday. Whether you’re going with a theme (like Thanksgiving door decorating ideas from Around the World), or just want your house to look beautiful, there are plenty of easy and beautiful things you can do to make people smile as they walk by your home on Thanksgiving day! Here are the top 7 Thanksgiving door decorating ideas of 2021, ranked by popularity. And don’t forget to try out this year’s top 5, thanksgiving door decoration trends!

Thanksgiving Door Decorating Ideas
1) Turkey Wreaths

Turkey wreaths are a great way to show off your fall decorations with a touch of Thanksgiving. There are many different ways you can make them, but here is one of the most popular. Take two brown paper bags, one for each side of the door frame. Tape each bag tightly on its respective side and cut out both bottoms of the bags. If you’re feeling extra creative, add some ribbons or other paper goods to cover up where the two paper bags meet. You could even use paint or markers for a more custom turkey wreath! This should give you an idea on what Thanksgiving door decorating ideas are popular this year and how easy it is to do yourself!

2) Cornucopias

Cornucopias are a great way to decorate your door for the holidays. Cornucopias symbolize abundance and prosperity, so they’re a wonderful seasonal decoration. Plus, they can hold all sorts of goodies! You can fill a cornucopia with candy, nuts, dried fruit or other treats. Then tie it up with some colorful ribbon to complete your door decoration. Put children’s handprints on paper to make an adorable, decorative door mural. Paint the children’s hands white and then press their hands onto the paper while they stand in front of a colored background such as blue, green or red (paint your own background). Print out pictures from past thanksgivings at grandma’s house or friends’ houses onto heavy-duty contact paper.

3) Fall Leaves

A simple and classic way to decorate your door is with a fall leaf. This is a great idea because you can use any type of leaf and they are easy to make. You will need some pieces of paper in different colors, scissors, tape, glue or double-sided tape, and leaves. Start by cutting out the desired shapes from the paper that match the size of the leaves.

4) Pumpkins

This year, give your front door an autumnal touch by filling your porch or steps with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a rustic feel or something more whimsical, these pumpkin ideas will help you create the perfect fall display. It doesn’t matter if you want to stick to one type of pumpkin or mix it up with different varieties – go as creative as you want! From ornate, unique pumpkins to bales of hay and delicate fall flowers, it’s easy to find what suits your home’s style best.

5) Scarecrows

Scarecrows are a classic Fall decoration and can be used as door hangings, window decorations, or for a more rustic look you can use them to decorate your entire yard. In order to make these scarecrow decorations you will need straw, scissors, string or twine, wire hangers, and clothespins. Start by cutting up your straw into small pieces and stuffing the body of the scarecrow with it.

6) Turkeys

Funky Turkeys. These are my personal favorite, and I’m sure they would be for you as well! They are a fun way to decorate your door with a little extra personality. You can find these at many different stores and they will last you a good month or two before they need to be replaced. These also make great gifts! If someone in your life has been asking about getting one of these for themselves this holiday season, then don’t miss out on the opportunity and grab one from Amazon.

7) Pilgrims

In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock and celebrated the first Thanksgiving feast. They shared their food with Native Americans and gave thanks to God for the bountiful harvest. With their new friends by their side, they had something to be thankful for this time of year. Most families celebrate today with some type of dish that pays tribute to this momentous event. If you’re hosting a big celebration or just want to add some decorations around your home, there are lots of great options out there from pies to cornucopias!

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