3 Tips for Buying Perfect Kids Tennis Racket

Are you looking to get your child into tennis? If so, you’ll want to make sure you purchase the right equipment. The right tennis racket will help improve their game and keep them interested in playing. If you aren’t familiar with what to look for, this guide on buying kids tennis rackets will help steer you in the right direction and ensure your child has a smooth learning experience on the court. Here are three tips that will help you find the perfect kids tennis racket.

Consider your budget

If you’re a beginner, it’s not always easy to figure out the cost, like how much money you should spend. Instead of worrying about getting an expensive racket for your kid, consider what kind of experience you want your child to have. If your kid is more serious about tennis, and will spend a lot of time on court, invest in a well-constructed adult model, that won’t let them down as they learns. If it’s more of a hobby for your child, feel free to buy them something less expensive but just as fun. You don’t need an expensive brand name racket, if they’re only going to use it every once in awhile.

Think about your child’s height and weight

Before you start shopping for a racket, make sure you know your child’s height and weight. Because kids rackets are made for lighter players. Some are only appropriate for children under a certain age or weight. If you buy one too heavy or too light, it can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to play with. Also, if it’s too long or heavy, your child might find it difficult to handle. When in doubt, talk to an expert at your local tennis shop before buying anything. They’ll help you pick out a great racket that will last as your kid grows up and gets better at tennis.

Know what style of game your child plays: A lot of people believe there is just one type of racket for all kids, but there are actually different styles of rackets designed specifically for different types of games.

Some types include: control (the classic baseline), power (used by aggressive players), and tweener (designed to fit between control and power). To figure out which kind of game your child prefers, ask them which player they like watching most on TV or at tournaments. It’s also helpful to take them along when you visit a pro shop so they can try various models and see which ones they like best.

Wider Heads are better for beginners

Beginners should choose a racket with a wider head, especially if they’re young. Since children have less control over where their shots will land, it’s important for them to be able to hit all sides of the racket and have more room for error. When kids grow up, they can graduate to narrower rackets.

Try out a racket before buying: When buying a racket for your child, it’s important that they try it out first. Don’t just buy based on brand name or price tag—your kid will be using it every day and might not like it as much as you thought. Also make sure that any demo rackets are strung properly—you wouldn’t want to buy one with improper tension and have them lose interest in playing right away

If you don’t know how to tell what width your child needs, ask an experienced coach or sales associate at a tennis shop. They’ll be happy to help!

These are some awesome tennis rackets below which are suitable for kids beginners to play!

WILSON Burn Pink 25 Junior/Youth Recreational Tennis Racket

as of 05/02/2023 3:53 PM

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket - 23 Inch, Yellow

as of 05/02/2023 3:53 PM

Wilson US Open 19 Junior/Youth Recreational Tennis Racket

as of 05/02/2023 3:53 PM

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