4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Pair of Sports Sunglasses

With so many options out there, choosing the right pair of sports sunglasses can feel overwhelming at times. These three tips will help you narrow down the choices and find the best sunglasses to fit your lifestyle and needs. You’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark when playing sports again!

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1)Make Sure They Protect Your Eyes

The main function of sports sunglasses is to protect your eyes from injury. If you’re heading out for a bike ride or a jog, or if you just like to get outside during your lunch break to soak up some sun and fresh air, be sure that your sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays. This may mean you have to spend a little more money on them upfront—but it will also save you from long-term health problems down the road, so it’s worth doing.

2) Be Conscious of Style

Consider style: While protecting your eyes is essential, don’t forget about style when choosing your next pair of sunglasses. Think about what kind of image you want to portray as an athlete—or even as an individual who enjoys being active outdoors. Most sporting-goods stores have an abundance of options, and you’re bound to find a style or brand that speaks to your personality. But when it comes down to it, a pair of sports sunglasses will do more than just save your eyes from sun damage—they’ll also make you look good.

3) Fit Should Be Comfortable

One obvious tip when choosing sports sunglasses is to make sure they fit comfortably. You’ll likely be wearing them for hours, so comfort is paramount. You don’t want to get a headache or feel like you can’t see clearly because your shades are too tight or too loose. Good sunglasses will sit on your face just right—not too high and not too low—with plenty of space around your eyes. The best way to ensure proper fit is by trying on different pairs in-store before making a purchase. That way you know exactly what size works best for you.

4) To Find The Best One

Keep in mind that sunglasses aren’t one size fits all. If you want something that stays put on your face while you exercise, choose a pair with rubberized grips on each side. If you want something more subtle and sleek, consider titanium frames instead of plastic ones. And if you want to be fashionable without sacrificing functionality, try reflective lenses so cars can see you at night. No matter what features are most important to you, there’s a pair out there that checks off every box on your list—it’s just up to you to find them!

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