5 Medicine Ball Exercises for a Killer Workout

Medicine balls are one of the most versatile tools in any home gym. And you can use them to get an intense full-body workout that will sculpt and strengthen your entire body. The variety of exercises you can do with medicine balls is almost endless, and they’re incredibly easy to use and versatile once you master the basic concepts involved in each exercise. This article will take you through five different medicine ball exercises that are sure to give you that killer workout you’ve been looking for!

Medicine balls are one of the most versatile tools in any home gym, and you can use them to get an intense full-body workout

1) Target Those Abs

Ab crunches and leg raises have their place, but to really hone in on your core you need to mix it up with exercises that target multiple muscle groups. Knee-ups and bicycle crunches are great abdominal exercises, but medicine ball work is where it’s at.

2) Get Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat, also called visceral fat, is often your most stubborn type of body fat. It’s stored deep inside your midsection, surrounding organs like your stomach and intestines. Losing belly fat isn’t easy; it requires patience and attention to lifestyle factors like diet, exercise and sleep. If you are looking to lose belly fat fast, try doing some medicine ball exercises.

3) Strengthen Your Core

A solid core is more than just your abs. It’s also what keeps your back, spine, hips and shoulders moving in proper alignment. Core training is particularly important if you participate in sports that require a lot of twisting and turning (think soccer or lacrosse), but it’s helpful to all exercisers because it helps transfer energy from one muscle group to another. Plus, working your core not only makes you stronger. It also makes you more stable by giving your body better overall control over movement.

4) Burn More Calories

When you’re strength training with weights, medicine balls, or other implements, you burn more calories—even after your workout is over. One study shows that an intense weight-training workout burns up to 150 extra calories an hour after exercise. Another study found that participants who lifted weights and followed it with cardio lost 55 percent more fat than those who simply did cardio alone. In addition to improving your body composition, getting stronger will help reduce injury risk.

5) Increase Power and Endurance

Your best bet is to do compound movements, like squats and lunges, which work several muscles at once. Compound movements tend to be tougher than single-joint exercises (e.g., biceps curls), so they burn more calories during and after your workout. Using medicine balls, you can create challenging total-body moves that force you to balance and engage your core—excellent for increasing stability and preventing injuries. Plus, you’ll increase muscle power simply by holding heavy weights in your hands.

And here is a video showing some workout for beginners.

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