A Beginner’s Guide to How to Ride a Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the greatest activities on the planet. It’s a fun sport that allows you to get out and get some fresh air. It’s a great way to get some exercise while having fun. However, learning how to skateboard can be a challenge. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to skateboard, here’s a beginners guide to how to ride a skateboard.


Everyone who skates has thought that protection gear is ridiculous-looking. The only way to assure that you can skateboard and accomplish difficult tricks without suffering serious physical harm is to keep your body safe.

Helmet: You should always wear a skateboarding or multi-sport helmet that is tightly fitted to your head (look for one with installable cushions; it shouldn’t move when you shake your head).

Wrist protectors: When you fall or abandon a trick, wrist guards lessen the likelihood that your wrists will twist or break.

Knee and elbow pads: Knee and elbow protectors can help avoid or lessen the severity of cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns when you fall, which you will.

Skate shoes: Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, ideal skate shoes have closed toes and flat, thick, sturdy, slip-resistant rubber soles that cling to grip tape and stop shocks from rising up your feet.

Basic Skills

1. Sit properly on the board. To learn how to properly position your feet and gain stability without falling over, lay the board flat on the ground and stand on it. The truck screws holding the wheels to the board are roughly where you should be standing with your feet angled sideways on the board.

2.Try very slowly pushing off and putting your feet on the board. As opposed to being sideways on the board, turn your front foot just a little bit so that it is more straight with the board. Gently push off with your second foot, starting out very slowly. You don’t want to get into a collision just because you accelerated too quickly before you were ready.

3.When you start to slow down, give yourself another push. Up until you slow down, keep exercising by pushing off lightly and turning your feet to ride the board. After pushing off with your other foot, pivot back while keeping your riding foot straight. You’ll get better at riding the board as you practice doing this.

Change Positions

4.To turn, flex your ankles and change your weight. Try gradually twisting the board by changing your weight once you’ve mastered pushing off and riding a bit. Maintaining your center of gravity close to the ground while riding requires flexing your knees. Then, if you’re riding standard foot, move some of your weight forward to turn right and rotate your ankles back to turn left.

5.To stop, put your foot down. Once you’ve slowed down a bit, you may simply put your pushing foot down to stop and cease your momentum. But don’t just stomp your foot down quickly and forcefully. When you’re moving slowly, drag more heavily at first. If you don’t keep your foot planted on the board, it will continue to move.

6. Try swapping positions and riding with your rear foot in front and your front foot in back if you feel quite comfortable merely standing on your board. If you want to be a really skilled skater, you need develop the ability to skate from either direction with equal ease during tricks. This is helpful when you attempt a half-pipe or any other variety of skateboarding stunts.

7.Learn how to fall correctly. Skaters all fall frequently and early. It is a component of skating. It’s crucial to master correct fall mechanics and to always wear the appropriate safety equipment. You can learn a few simple safety tips to prevent injuries that are more severe than the common cuts and bruises that are skaters’ calling cards.

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