ANTA: One of the Best Basketball Shoes

If you are a big fan of basketball, or NBA, you might have ever heard of Anta, a partner of the NBA. In fact, when it comes to product quality, Anta won’t be inferior to Nike and Adidas. Of course, Anta has a kinder price. If you want to play basketball better, a pair of suitable basketball shoes is very important. If you’re on a budget and looking for a nice pair of basketball shoes, then the Anta might be your answer.


As the name suggests, the KT LIGHT 3 generation is focused on the lightweight. The shoes are specially tailored for the summer outfield, with a flexible low-top shoe body, simple and stylish. Uppers are woven into one, light and breathable. The middle bottom is equipped with A-shock buffer technology, buffer effect is sensitive and high bomb. The sole is textured with fine water waves to provide a certain amount of grip.

Shock The Game

Shock The Game vamp large area breathable mesh fabric material, heel TPU woven fabric reinforcement, air permeability and wrapping excellent. The midbottom is equipped with A-SHOCK shock technology, which achieves excellent shock damping effect through its own soft bullets. The front foot is also the latest A-SHOCK3.0 midsole technology, which is ideal for penetrating impact guards. The outsole provides a good grip. “Will always be remembered as a madman” Yes, who likes basketball was not a “madman”?

KT Slash 4

The Anta Splash 4 “pink and white” color scheme is one of my favorite basketball shoes. Basically didn’t get any publicity from Anta, but the overall level of appearance is absolutely nothing to say. White and pink are used as the base color for the upper part of the shoes. In fact, a gradient effect is formed in the middle palm of the shoe. Aslo, these two color elements are very simple, match up to appear more coordinated.

Regardless of the color design of the basketball shoes, the performance of this pair of Anta Splash 4 generation basketball shoes itself is also speechless. Both the Nitro technology midsole material and the special hollowed-out midsole design make this pair of basketball shoes worth buying.

Gordon Hayward

This series of basketball shoes is Hayward’s signature shoes. The first generation is very classic, while the second generation design is also very good. The style design of the upper is also unique, the designer extracted tiger stripes, tiger teeth and tiger palm design. The midsole of the shoe uses A-flashfoam technology to bounce back and slow the vibration, while the sole is extracted with tiger claw texture for A good grip. At the same time, the heel support area is increased to provide a good heel stability support.

KT 4

Previously Anta KT3 once launched to get a good reputation, and KT4 is on the basis of KT3 has improved. Compared with the previous generation, this shoe adopts a new woven upper to enhance the wrapping and support of the shoe. The midsole features the acclaimed A-flash foam energy midsole technology previously used in Anta shoes. It will bring a soft bullet experience which can be compared to the Adidas BOOST.

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