Best Badminton Racket: Choose the Proper One for You!

If you’ve got an interest in learning how to play badminton and want to get started, finding the right badminton racket can be overwhelming with the sheer number of options available. Especially if you’re looking for high-end advanced badminton rackets that are designed with competitive play in mind. But don’t worry! This comprehensive guide will give you all the details on what makes high-quality badminton rackets so great. And it will help you figure out which are the best badminton rackets of 2022 that are perfect for your playstyle and skill level.

As a simple and fun sport, badminton has become very popular internationally in recent years. Before choosing the right badminton racket, you can narrow down your choice by starting with weight, material and poundage.


Racket weight is usually marked with 2U, 3U, 4U, etc.

2U: 90 to 95 grams

3U: 85 to 90 grams

4U: 80 to 85 grams

5U and 6U are relatively uncommon in amateur competitions


Generally, a badminton racket will indicate its material on the racket. In daily use, the more common materials are full carbon, aluminum carbon, aluminum alloy, and aluminum and iron.

Full carbon racket. It is light in weight, so the experience is very good, but it is a little expensive. This kind of racket is suitable for professional players, and most of the athletes who participate in competitive tournaments use this kind of material.

Aluminum carbon racket. It is average in weight, moderate in price and easy to paint, but its users are fewer.

Aluminum alloy racket. It is popular and less expensive. Therefore, it is especially suitable for beginners.

Aluminum iron racket. The structure of the aluminum iron racket is basically the same as the aluminum alloy racket. With a beautiful structure, stiff shaft, and heavy body, it is a middle and low-grade racket, suitable for beginners.


It is clear that the higher the poundage the better the shot is not necessarily right. Therefore, it is wiser to decide the poundage of your racket according to your skills. Generally speaking, the poundage 22 to 26 is the most suitable for the public. If you are a beginner or a girl with less power, you can consider the poundage 22 to 24. And if you are a player with some experience, I will recommend pounds 24 to 26. Of course, pounds 26 to 28 or more is the choice of the master.

Of course, in addition to these main factors, budget, hand feeling, hand type and so on are also factors you need to consider when choosing the best badminton racket.

Some Tips for Beginners

1. There are no fixed requirements for holding badminton when serving. Just make sure the ball is held steady and the serve is accurate.

2. Keep your grip as relaxed as possible in order to maximize the power of your wrist.

3. To be able to return the ball with attacking power, you should try to hit the ball in front of your body when receiving the ball, so that the return is strong.

4. When playing singles, never hit the ball in the opponent’s middle of the court unless it is snapped, and hit the two corners whenever possible.

5. There is a big difference between serving for singles and serving for doubles. When playing single, you should try to hang the ball high and far; while in doubles, it should be short and as close to the top edge of the block net as possible. At the same time, try to take a variety of serving means.

This video will teach you how to get started in badminton:

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