FILA Shoes for Man: Best Dad Shoes and Canvas Shoes

FILA, founded in 1911 in the small town of Biella, Italy, is now a century-old sports fashion brand FILA. It is a textile and knitted clothing brand founded by the FILA brothers. In the 1970s, FILA diversified into sportswear, developing lines for tennis, golf, fitness, skiing, mountaineering and basketball.


In fact, Fila produces great shoes. It is comfortable to wear, lightweight, suitable for leisure and travel. Also, the quality is excellent.


Gross weight of the shoes: 1.2kg

Upper material: fabric

Launch date: Fall 2020

Closure mode: lacing

Sole material: rubber

Function: Other

Popular element: car sewing

Pattern: Letters

Style of the shoes: Low top

รองเท้า บังทัน FILA Classic Boarder (Presented by BTS)

Dad Shoes

It uses a last to make it look more delicate and fit our feet better. And the uppers take the nebula flow of Mars as the core design language, the whole is full of irregular lines aesthetic feeling. The overall shape is very versatile, whether it is casual clothes or sports clothes can be combined, it does not look any sense of incongruous.

For shoes, breathable is a very important design, because if the shoes are not breathable, first of all, we are certainly not comfortable to wear, and secondly, breathable for a long time is actually very harmful to our foot health. The FILA MARS series Dad shoes may look heavy on the outside, but it uses a large number of hot melt film, interwoven with irregular structure, highlighting the fusion of future and tradition, making fashion trends and breathable and comfortable coexistence, so that our feet can be more comfortable when walking.

I always like to wear sporty shoes, mainly for comfort. Although they may look very fashionable, they have a hard base, which can cause pain when walking for a long time. The FILA MARS shoes have soft soles that can easily fit our feet when walking, so we don’t need to worry about the shoes becoming a burden even if we need to walk for a long time or even climb a mountain.

Fila Men's Strada Disruptor fashion sneakers, White/Peacoat/Vinred, 8 US

as of 07/25/2023 6:43 PM

Fila Men's Memory sportland-m, White Navy/Metallic Silver, 10.5 M US

as of 07/25/2023 6:43 PM