FILA Shoes for Women: Why Don’t You Try Dad Shoes

Dad shoes are very popular at present, but also regardless of age. The corresponding clothes with good, wear up the effect is very good, figure, good-looking, handsome. Dad shoes also belong to a kind of casual shoes. Dad shoes, these shoes really belong to the versatile type, high and long legs, comfortable to wear. The sole is also relatively thick, but also not easy to grind feet. And our hero today, FILA, has some excellent and well-designed dad shoes. Let’s have a look.

How to Choose Dad Shoes

Generally speaking, there are three main things to look at when choosing dad shoes: The sole, design and the material.

The sole

The sole is very important, you can put the sole in the first place, it also combines with the fashion and sports color.

The design

Show personality, and style is more, such as retro style, color Mosaic, alphabet printing, metal decoration, etc. Some people like simple colors, solid colors, no complicated designs, but still look good.

The material

Natural leather is one of the most common one. And it may also be cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin material, permeability will be better. If it is natural leather, the cost will be more expensive, if you often touch water outdoors, you can choose PVC or PU fabric, it will be better.

PU fabric, pressure resistance will be better, but the air permeability is not as good as natural leather, woven fabric will be more difficult to take care of.

But in general, no matter what kind of dad shoes you have, the key is to make them the best ones you like.

FILA Dad Shoes

And again, the FILA dad shoes, the same thing for guys and girls, you can think of it as a running shoe. Also can see is casual shoes, also can be regarded as sneakers. Different styles in the design will not be the same. The whole is a casual style, you can bring your own good mood, where you want to go. After all, this shoe is also very comfortable to wear.

In the material, the choice is rubber outsole, the use of molding EVA material, so it can be skid resistant, which is one of its characteristics. And many of its father shoes are the use of stitching design, fashion style will be better. Overall, its characteristics are good air permeability. Of course, this brand of shoes are basically good air permeability.


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