How to Do Barbell Rows: A Beginner’s Guide

Many people have seen barbell rows performed at the gym but few know exactly what it is or how to do it. An upper-body weightlifting exercise that bolsters your back and shoulders is the barbell row. Due to its simplicity, it’s frequently one of the first lifting techniques that athletes or new lifters master.

The barbell row involves two steps. Lifting the barbell off the ground, you bend over a little bit while keeping your chest parallel to the floor. The barbell is then raised and lowered repeatedly. While a trainer should ideally supervise your form and provide coaching, you don’t require a direct spotter as you would for a bench press or barbell squat.

Barbell Row’s Benefits

The main advantage of any weightlifting exercise is the development of muscle strength, but the barbell row has additional health benefits.

trunk toughness. The barbell row aids in developing core strength that transfers to other exercises and daily activities. The exercise can be improved by adding a lot of weight, and because it works many muscles at once, it serves to challenge and stimulate your trunk. Additionally, a barbell row encourages spine stability.

enhances the hip hinge. As the name implies, the bent-over row involves some forward flexion of the hips and waist. After lifting a weight off the ground, you perform this exercise while hanging forward and lifting the weight repeatedly.

Hold your torso still and clench your hips to keep your spine neutral and stable. Your hip movements will be improved as a result, which will help you in athletics. Your coach or trainer might employ the barbell row to strengthen these movements because your hips aid in the generation of force and power.

How to Do a Barbell Row

Initially, place your feet shoulder-width apart as you stand.

Grab the bar while squatting with your knees slightly bent and your hips lower than your shoulders. Keep your elbows stretched and pointing slightly outward while keeping your hands wider than your shoulders.

Keep your back flat and brace your torso. Avoid turning it forward. Lift the bar and get to your feet. Use your knees and hips rather than your back. To keep your head and neck in alignment with your torso, concentrate on looking just in front of your feet.

Then, lean forward at the waist while contracting your abs such that your chest forms a 60-degree angle with the ground. Keep your knees slightly bent, your chest out, and let the weight hang.
begin the row.

Pull the barbell up and toward your chest while keeping your body tight. Pull your elbows back together as if you were starting a lawnmower as you do this.

Controllably lower the barbell once again and resume the row. Maintain a strong, constant angle with your torso, and keep your back flat and straight.

When finished, carefully drop the bar to the floor.

Some Useful Tips

Use empty bars to practice. If you’ve never performed a barbell row, practice the motion first without the weight to gain a feel for how to perform the exercise correctly. This will ensure proper form while also protecting your back.

Practice a few times with just the bar or low weights until you’ve gotten the hang of it. When you are comfortable with your form and ability, you can add heavier weights.

Observe your elbows. Though it’s typical, try to avoid extending your elbows outward. Keep your elbows pointing backwards, not up and out.

Remain upright. It’s also typical to lower your angle or roll your shoulders and upper back forward. Try a lesser weight or maintain a flat, straight spine.

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