How to Master the Stopwatch in 5 Steps

The stopwatch can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you use it. Regardless, there’s no doubt that the stopwatch can make you faster at almost anything, whether it’s running a race or completing an important project. To master the stopwatch, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and how to use it properly. Here are five steps to help you conquer this simple device, allowing you to improve on almost any area of your life that involves time.

To master the stopwatch, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and how to use it properly

1) Set your priorities

Being a business owner can be difficult, so you need to identify what is most important. To do so, ask yourself a few questions: What is my long-term vision for my business? Where do I want my company and career to be one year from now? Do I want more clients or employees? When I look at that vision, what should I focus on day-to-day to get there? If your priorities are clear, you’ll have no problem sacrificing nonessentials.

2) Identify your goals

Before you start learning how to master a stopwatch, you should take some time and identify your goals. This is important because it helps you establish a baseline. One good way of identifying your goals is by coming up with a list of benefits that mastering a stopwatch can provide for you personally. For example, if you want to gain endurance, then one of your goals should be that after four weeks, you can run at least three miles nonstop.

3) Start right away!

The race starts as soon as you hit start, so you’re already behind if you waste time with a countdown or two. That’s why it’s best to push start as soon as you arrive at your mark. And don’t forget: Don’t cross that line early! Keep both feet on your side of the line until after you hear beep. It takes a millisecond longer, but being disqualified is much worse than finishing dead last.

4) Get a stopwatch and keep it with you at all times

A stopwatch can be handy for everyday life, whether you’re timing a run around town or figuring out how long it takes your neighbor’s dog to poop. And when you’re trying to do something like time an experiment or keep track of business meetings, nothing beats a physical stopwatch. Start by buying one and keeping it on hand at all times; having easy access to a stopwatch will make it that much easier for you to get started with it right away.

5) Keep learning

Since you’re a reader of The Muse, it’s likely that you’ve already read a few articles on time management and productivity. But maybe you missed one? Or maybe you need extra study sessions before your test? We compiled everything we know about mastering time into one quick guide for you: How to Master Time Management & Productivity Once and for All. Read that post for some pointers on making time—and organizing your schedule—work for you.

Here is the video showing you how to read and use a stopwatch, you can have a look.

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