Li Ning: A Coming Man in Basketball Shoes

Li Ning was founded in 1990 with China, a professional sports brand company. As a sports company, Li Ning company inspires people’s desire and power to break through sports. It is committed to the creation of professional sports products, and strives to make sports change life. What’s more, it is pursuing a higher level of breakthrough. Li Ning has a complete brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and sales capabilities, Li Ning brand has established a huge retail distribution network and supply chain management system in China, and continue to add to the e-commerce camp. If you’ve never heard of Li Ning, now it might be your time to pay attention.

Li Ning

In fact, Li Ning adheres to the corporate philosophy of integrity and promise, consumer orientation. Also, it strives to build Li Ning company into the world’s leading sports goods company. Inherent sports genes and “anything is possible” brand spirit throughout the development of Li Ning brand. Li Ning is committed to becoming a world-class fashion professional sports brand.

Materials of shoes

Poliyou, a new material, improved by PU. At present, the material is used as the inner cushion for sports shoes and casual shoes of world famous brands such as NIKE, ECCO, REEBOK, CONVERSE, NEW-BALANCE, and ARBESKO. Poliyou insole is first made of open PU material, with more than 90% of the circulation holes. What’s more, air permeability is over 5 times better than that of ordinary sponge. It can effectively quickly absorb foot sweat and discharge it out of the shoe. Keep your feet dry by avoiding moisture from the insole. Add activated carbon with strong deodorant effect, has a wide range of sterilization. In fact, the scope of which involves Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi and algae, etc., by killing these bacteria and play an effective deodorant effect. In the manufacturing process directly added the most deodorizing active carbon. Therefore, it can ensure that the shoes do not smell, and for a long time effective.

LI-NING All City Wade 7

Cushioning: The hard feeling of the first foot will improve with the use of time. Compared with the soft feeling of the speed 6, it is much better. In the actual combat need to jump and land process, the all city wade 7 thicker midsole material shock performance is good.

Package: Net cloth material makes it very cheap. What’s more, not bound when wearing is very uncomfortable, but this cool band, the actual combat effect is very pull out of the group. When you pull on this Velcro you can feel some tightness in the front of the palm. Also, for the foot pressure is relatively uniform will not appear uncomfortable or abrupt feeling. The whole package is because of this band added a lot of points. However, remind the friends of high instep pay attention to a little, pull this binding is bound to give the instep more pressure.

Support: Since the cloud cushioning material is a bit harder than the Boost overall, the upturned cloud sole gives the boot a great deal of lateral support, and you’ll have no problem with any of the other moves.

Starting: The center of gravity of the front palm is a high state, but in the process of actual combat breakthrough and start feeling is still first-class. However, there is still some toughness of the foot feeling, to ensure the feedback of the first step of breakthrough.

Li-Ning Wade All City 7

Li Ning All City Wade 7 is one of my favorate basketball shoes. And if you are willing to get more knowledges about Li Ning basketball shoes, you can search for them on Amazon, or on Li Ning’s official website.

LI-NING All City Wade Men Basketball Shoes Lining Anti-Slip Professional Shock Absorption Sneakers Sports Shoes Grey ABPR071 US 9

as of 07/03/2023 8:01 PM

LI-NING All City 9 V2 Wade Men Basketball Shoes Lining Anti-Slip Professional Shock Absorption Sneakers Sports Shoes Purple ABAR049-1H US 9

as of 07/03/2023 8:01 PM

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