Peak: One day It Will be at the Peak

Peak, how to say, usually heard not much, but in China is still a relatively famous brand. Since the signing of NBA star Howard, the exposure has been greatly increased. In fact, Peak, founded in 1989, has nearly 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and selling sports products. So what about the quality of Peak shoes? What grade does Peak belong to? Let’s have a look.

Introduction to Peak

Peak triangular logo represents the peak, conveys the firm belief of continuous progress, and symbolizes peak’s self-challenge and creation of the future. With the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher and stronger”, it has created a lofty image of the sports brand.

PEAK, its spiritual connotation, that is, challenge the peak, persistent pursuit of self, show courage, ability and perseverance. In the field of sports, Peak is the totem of sports, spiritual belief and profound ideological accumulation.

At the same time, it is a hero’s honor, a sign of victory. Peak is keen to challenge the limits and create unlimited possibilities with the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher, stronger”.

Quality of Peak

Personally speaking, the quality of peak shoes is well enough.

Three – stage damping system is Peak’s core technology. Three different kinds of materials, through the absorption, dispersion and rebound formed a perfect cushioning system, absorption: the impact of landing the first time to absorb all, scattered: will all fall to the ground when the energy spread to different parts of the soles, rebound: the energy contained in all startup into a rebound in the next step, make each step as you like quickly.

Grade of Peak

In fact, Peak in the sports brand belongs to the low-end grade.

The main consumer group of Peak is positioned at 18-30 year old basketball players and basketball sports lovers, and the radiation range is 14-35 year old sports lovers.

Product positioning is professional, comfortable, wear-resistant professional basketball equipment as the leading, leading the trend of casual fashion shoes and clothing. They advocate the enterprising spirit of constantly overcoming themselves and challenging the limits. Also, they advocate the life realm of striving persistently for the ideal and goal and winning the first place.

The brand’s target positioning is the first brand of professional basketball equipment, playing the role of basketball sports equipment expert in the industry.

Introduction to Peak shoes

Peak Taichi 1.0 Plus

Based on customer feedback, Peak redesigned the new TAICHI 1.0PLUS. Uppers design upgrade, partition braid, better wrapping experience, uppers short hot pressing strip added body, stability, toughness and packaging are better. Vamp design breathable holes, more adapted to the needs of summer runners, to ensure that the feet in running to keep them breathable.

Thread integrated weave design, adding high elasticity yarn and light yarn, not only improve the comfort and easy to wear. It will increase the wrapping has increased the texture. Hot melt PP strips are designed to increase the wrapping ability while forming and binding system with shoelaces.

New subversive midbottom technology, according to different motion states, to achieve adaptive cushioning rebound. The shoe midsole material EVA plus polymer intelligent material, compound foaming, forming state pole technology, running shoes both soft and hard.

Peak Taichi 3.0 Pro

The upper of the shoes is made of a new MONO yarn, woven Jaca upper and visible air holes to keep the inside of the shoes fresh at all times. What’s more, heel loop TPU protects ankle, flanking triangle super strong wrap, V-shaped tongue gold fits ankle.

Middle and bottom two-in-one upgrade, to achieve better adaptive solution. Also, the integration of peak flick technology and peak state pole technology, adhering to the strong adaptive technology core. The bottom of the state pole was upgraded strongly. In addition, the density was as low as 0.17g/cm, and the foaming rate was 1.75 times.

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