PUMA Basketball Shoes: of Elegance and Sport

Nike along with its subsidiaries AJ, as well as Adidas have long been the dominant players in the basketball shoe market. However, that didn’t stop PUMA from re-entering basketball shoes in 2018 after about 20 years of only making lifestyle sneakers and running shoes. Let’s have a look at PUMA basketball shoes series.


In fact, the performance of PUMA basketball shoes in the actual combat is not so good. On the contrary, this pair of shoes is more attractive in the appearance. In the actual combat, the wrapping and anti-rollover are very common.

For most of PUMA basketball shoes, the look of those are really amazing. If you’re just looking for a pair of eye-catching, comfortable loafers to wear on a regular basis, you can add PUMA to your shopping list. While when it comes to actual combat in basketball court, you may need a better one.


First, its fatal flaw, the old, retro, and extremely restrictive midsole structure. In principle, the shoe’s midsole and outsole. Back to the PUMA Clyde, the center of gravity of the front hand is too high, and the anti-rollover treatment is not particularly effective. If you do a change of direction or vertical jump landing, the lateral support of the shoes will be a great danger.

At the same time, the entire midsole package is both straight and hard. For mobile, agile defenders, you can feel as stubborn as an old fogey. You will feel constrained in every footwork, and in addition to running in a straight line, the cage in the midsole will also, to some extent, inhibit your flexibility when you do lateral movements. It keeps you from letting go of your passion.

The most of PUMA, on the other hand, does a good job of maintaining forefoot stability, but when you’re running to the bottom corner, adjusting your step to land, and bringing your toes to the basket for a shot, there’s still a distinct feeling of slalor in that moment. Visible SUCH a set too retro in the bottom modeling design, or will be on the performance of the players, there are certain restrictions.

Sense of the Parcel

Points, the second is the sense of the parcel. PUMA using one-piece woven fabrics, and the overall feeling is very comfortable joint. ZK11 elite package feel similar, especially the inside and outside the two areas, with such a relatively special lace-up system. When you put the laces through these holes and pull them tight, you will feel a strong wrapping sensation from the side of the vamp. And will not have the foreign body feeling like Velcro, this point, I think is a very good design, to the overall feeling of the shoe package, added a lot of points. In actual combat, however, the forepaw will appear to tip the toe like Owen II, III.


Although it’s made from BASF technology, it seems to feel like Boost or DriveFoam, but after a few games, the cushioning of the front and rear palm will not feel like elastic, but it will not feel like brick like Owen 3, which will give you a little bounce and feedback.


Outsole grip, such retro sneakeshop grain design, in the conventional real battlefield ground performance is fair, basically did not appear the phenomenon of skid. However, in terms of wear resistance, the wear resistance of this pair of shoes can be categorized as the level of spicy chicken, only wearing actual combat not many times, the toe and heel of the shoes have appeared obvious wear, feel and KobeNXT 360 as delicate, considering the durability of friends, the same way, this pair of shoes can be directly passed.

Are PUMA Basketball Shoes Suitable for Actual Combat

Although the sense of parcel and cushioning of these shoes are good enough, I think they are still not suitable for actual combat, and the anti-rollover ability is poor. Simple filling technology can not produce fundamental improvement to actual combat shoes, how to apply is the key. If we are talking about whether these shoes are qualified basketball shoes, these PUMA basketball shoes are only suitable for some simple shooting enthusiasts. Or suitable for the kind of running range is small, and do not often under the basket activities of friends to wear actual combat.

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