Treadmill Motor: How It Works and Why You Need It

If you have an aging treadmill, you might be wondering whether it’s time to replace the motor with something new. The treadmill motor, sometimes called an incline motor or incline adjustment motor, can wear out over time and cause issues with your treadmill working properly. If your belt doesn’t move in either direction and you need your treadmill to work like new again, then replacing the motor might be just what you need to do! Here’s how the treadmill motor works and why you need it.

The treadmill motor, sometimes called an incline motor or incline adjustment motor, can wear out over time and cause issues with your treadmill working properly

The 3 Functions Of A Motor

Generally, in a treadmill, a motor takes power from an electrical outlet or internal batteries and converts it into mechanical energy to run all of its components. The three main functions of a motor in a treadmill are: Starting, stopping, and providing power throughout use. All three of these functions must be present in order for your treadmill to work. If any one of them is not working, you will need to replace it with a new motor before you can continue using your machine.  This guide explains how each function works so that you can understand what might be wrong with your treadmill if it stops running.

1. Start Function. Before you start your treadmill, make sure that all safety features are on. These include things like emergency stop buttons and key switches. Then press Start on your control panel to engage the motor’s start function.

2. Stop Function. When you want to stop using your treadmill, there should be a large red emergency stop button located near where you stand when walking or running on it. Pressing this button engages the stop function.

3. Power Function. Once you have engaged both of your other two functions, your treadmill will stay powered until either you turn off its switch or remove power from it by unplugging it from an outlet or removing batteries (if yours runs on battery). To get started exercising again after turning off power, simply press Start again to reengage your motor’s start function.

Common Types Of Treadmill Motors

Generally, there are three main types of treadmill motors, and each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Direct-drive motors have been around for decades, but newer models come with some added features to help your workout be more efficient. V-belt motors also have a long history in treadmills, but can be much quieter than direct-drive. The third type of motor is called a high-inertia drive system. You’re most likely to find it on commercial treadmills, not at home.

The following video introduces the things made from a treadmill, if you are interested, you can have a look.


Treadmills are meant to be used at home or in gyms, so a treadmill motor can make your device operate just as it’s supposed to. In addition, The motor of your machine will help with operation of your treadmill for years to come! So if you have questions about how a treadmill works or if you’re in need of a new motor for any type of treadmill, consult an expert in your local area.

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