Yoga Straps for Deeper Poses and a Stronger Practice

Yoga straps are an oft-overlooked but incredibly useful tool in every yogi’s practice. They’re used to improve the strength of poses, increase flexibility, and deepen your overall practice. Today, I’m going to walk you through three different ways to use yoga straps in your next session, along with some tips on how to incorporate them into your normal routine. Let’s dive in!

Yoga straps are used to improve the strength of poses, increase flexibility, and deepen your overall practice

How to use yoga straps

You can use yoga straps (sometimes referred to as yoga belts) in a variety of ways to help deepen your practice. You can use them during twists, arm balances, inversions and more. No matter how you utilize these versatile props, they’re sure to give you an extra edge as you deepen your yoga practice. Here is the most common uses for yoga straps: For deeper stretches. If you have tight hamstrings or low back pain that limits your range of motion, try using a strap in any pose where it’s important to extend your arms overhead or behind you. To take things further, hold onto both ends of the strap with one hand and gently pull on it with each exhalation to open up your chest and shoulders.

Benefits of using yoga straps

Yoga straps—also called yoga blocks or yoga belts—provide support to your hands and shoulders during poses. Using straps can help you deepen your stretching in certain poses, while reducing wear-and-tear on your joints (commonly elbows, wrists and hands). They’re also great tools for helping kids get into poses. But what are they exactly? And where do you use them? We’ve got answers! Here’s everything you need to know about using yoga straps: what they are, how to pick one out and how to best use it in your practice.

Types of yoga straps

Yoga straps can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own advantages. While cotton straps are cheaper, they aren’t as comfortable to grip or easy to clean. Leather yoga straps are much more durable than their cotton counterparts, although they are usually less flexible. One of our favorite materials is vegan leather (or faux leather), which we use in most of our straps. It’s lightweight, washable and soft—ideal properties for anything you put on your skin!

How to choose your yoga strap

There are dozens of different styles of yoga straps available, but you don’t need to buy expensive models in order to get started with your practice. You can find an inexpensive yoga strap at any local department store or online retailer. Just make sure it’s made from a durable material like cotton. Yoga can be an intense workout, so it’s better to have a strap that will last than one that falls apart quickly. Also, consider what sort of strap you want.

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