Halloween Gifts for Kids that Will Make Them Scream with Joy

For some kids, Halloween is their favorite holiday. It’s certainly one of the most exciting ones, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of great Halloween gifts for kids. Whether your child prefers ghosts or goblins, candy or cute outfits, they can find something on this list that will make them scream with joy— just like they do each year when they go trick-or-treating!

Choose suitable gifts for kids

When you choose the gifts for your kids, you should stick to their level. A five-year-old won’t be able to control a complex toy, while a seven-year-old might find plush toys too babyish. So stick to things they can use or play with.

If you’re buying for older kids, it gets trickier because they have more specific interests, but there are still age-appropriate gifts out there. Look at what your teen is into and then search online or at stores for related merchandise in those areas. These are a few of our favorite unique options to get kids in on all of the holiday fun.

  • Top Picks for Ages 5 to 7

This year you can transform your home into a real-life candy wonderland as a gift for kids, such as bubble guppies or fruit snacks from branded Halloween candy. Your little kids may not want a big gift, they’ll love something small and funny. If you can spring for it, get them a box of their favorite branded Halloween candy. Trust me — they’ll be so excited by something just for them that they won’t even care how many pieces are in there!

  • Top Picks for Ages 8 to 12

Kids from 8 to 12 may have more interest in spooky gifts. Try to make your child’s Halloween one they’ll never forget with one of these spooky gifts. From a talking spider to skeleton gloves and vampire makeup, your little monster will have a blast!

If your kids are getting a bit too old to believe in things that go bump in the night, it’s time to get them involved in some creative Halloween games and activities. There are tons of easy-to-make arts and crafts projects, like skulls made out of crayons, or dioramas based on favorite characters.

You can also challenge your kids to write their own scary stories or even create their own haunted houses! Or you could just sit down and make up some spooky ghost stories together—it might be fun to hear what your little ones come up with.

And if they don’t want anything to do with any of these ideas, no problem: try to watch some classic horror movies together instead.

Here is a video about some funny DIY activities for kids.

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