ROG Asus: the Faith of Gamers

If you are a big fan of video games, or interested in peripherals, you must have heard of ROG, a high-end computer hardware equipment brand of Asus. ROG is short for Republic of Gamers, meeting the needs of enthusiasts for extreme performance and appearance. Generally speaking, ROG produces the coolest and most outstanding devices and components. If you want to get more knowldege, just read on.


ROG, the world’s leading high-end motherboard brand. Asus elite group of engineers are equally keen as global gamers seek out top-of-the-line hardware for exhilarating efficiency.

In June 2006 Republic of Gamers brand roared accross the horizon. Nowadays, the ROG product line covers motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, desktop, mouse, sound cards, headphones and other product.

ROG receives only the spirit of transcendence to players experience as the basic starting point. In recent years they have amazing ideas and creative, constantly creating tailored design and function for the player. In fact, it is the top PC solution to meet the needs of various application limits, on a global scale to get unlimited praise.

To be honest, a set of ROG gaming setup can be a dream that gamers share.


ROG original plan was just to design the best motherboard, graphics card products. But as Asus laptop products continue to advance around the world, the idea of designing the best performance laptops for gaming enthusiasts has surfaced. Due to that, the first gaming laptop with the ROG logo, the G70, came out in 2007.

It was with this product that the ROG logo was transformed into the combative eye logo that the world now knows. This change pushed the development of ROG into a new stage – Asus headquarters decided to restructure the ROG division – no longer a pure product line, but to become an independent brand.

At the time in 2008, the final integration of the ROG logo was completed. The new visual design combines all the good elements of the past, appearing for the first time on the packaging of the Rampage II Extreme motherboard. The warlike and combative eye symbols of the ROG are finally formed.

ROG has been leading the way in the development of top-notch hardware since its inception. On account of that, ROG is a legend of red and black, a perfect combination of speed and passion. Also, this journey beyond and limit, starting from the motherboard, gradually covered laptop computers, PC whole machine, display, etc.. From “Born for games” to “only for transcendence”, from G logo to warlike eyes, from products to brands. In fact, ROG has been subverting players’ understanding of hardware over and over again for six years, building monuments that will go down in history.

On the other hand, perfect quality makes its price much higher than other products. So, would you pay for gamers’ faith?

ASUS ROG Delta S Gaming Headset with USB-C | Ai Powered Noise-Canceling Microphone | Over-Ear Headphones for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Sony Playstation | Ergonomic Design , Black

as of 08/21/2023 8:28 AM

ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQ 27” HDR Gaming Monitor, 1440P WQHD (2560 x 1440), Fast IPS, 170Hz, 1ms, G-SYNC, Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, Eye Care, HDMI DisplayPort USB 3.0 Hub, HDR™ 400

as of 08/21/2023 8:28 AM

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