5 Hilarious Conversation games that Make You Burst into Laughter

We’ve all struggled socially at some point. You attended a party and made a lot of new friends. However, how can you strike up a conversation with a total stranger? And after you’ve begun talking, how do you keep it going? Additionally, consider whether you truly understand your buddies, their awkward situations, and their unexplored private lives. Do you have the guts to relate your most embarrassing moment? Try a conversation game next time if you enjoy these thrilling hilarious activities.

There are some popular casual conversation games that you may have played before:

  1. I Spy

Guessing game where one player thinks of an item that can be seen nearby, and others guess it.

2. Never Have I Ever

A drinking game among university students in which a person makes a statement in the form of “I have never X“. All people who have done X must then drink. Often people try to craft questions in order to find out interesting information about others.

3. Truth or Dare?

Players ask one another whether they want to answer a question truthfully or perform a “dare.” The game-master asks the person to their right “truth or dare,” followed by the player choosing either a truth or a dare.

Here are more conversatin games with hundreds of fun cards for party time and any gathering events! So get ready to have fun with the people you love!

1# Who Can Do It – Compete with Your Friends to Win These Challenges [A Party Game/ Conversation Game]

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How to play:

  1. Gather 3 or more friends who are up for a challenge.
  2. One player picks a card and reads it aloud. They are now the judge. Everyone does what the card says.
  3. The judge decides who did it the best and wins the round. The first to 7 wins the game.


  • 250 action cards
  • Do the challenge first or best to win
  • For 3+ players ages 17+

2# Bad People Game – Find Out What Your Friends Really Think of You [A Conversation Game]

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How to play:

  1. Choose an identity
  2. Ask the question
  3. Cast the votes
  4. Reveal your votes


  • Find out what your friends really think you and get know your friends better! Share crazy and ridiculous stories after each round
  • Content: 370 Hilarious Cards, Player Identity Cards, 250 Question Cards, 100 Voting Cards, Double Down Cards.
  • suitable for Ages 17+ up to 10 players

3# Hygge Games Who in The Room? Party Game Yellow

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How to play:

  1. Draw a card, read the question out loud, and give everyone a few seconds to think.

2. At the count of three, everyone points to who they think best fits the question’s description.

Probable questions: Who in the room would survive the least amount of time on a desert island? Who in the room pees in the shower? Who in the room has the best voice for radio? And who in the room would have the most trouble assembling a bookcase from IKEA?


  • More than 300 laugh-out-loud, unexpected, and personal questions
  • Age 17+/ players 4+

4# BAD CHOICES – The Have You Ever? Party Game/ Conversation Game+ After Dark Expansion Set

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How to play:

  1. Ask a Question: When it’s your turn, choose one of your 6 question cards, then ask it to the player you think is most likely to answer YES.
  2. Keep or Discard: If they say YES, you get to discard your card. If they say NO you have to keep the card and try to use it again later.
  3. Score: The player to discard all of their cards first becomes the winner.


  • This is the game for finding out hilarious truths, secrets and stories about your friends
  • 400 Hilarious Cards
  • Awesome board game to play with friends, games night, at a party, office party, dinner parties etc.

5# The Best Friend Game – Think You Know Your Friends? [A Party Game]

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How to play:

  1. Gather some friends you know well. Pair off in teams of 2. Make sure each pair knows each other pretty well!
  2. Select cards with a quetions. Examples: Do you know your best friend’s least favorite genre of music? What about their shoe size? Or their favorite athlete?
  3. Write down your answers in secret on the dry-erase boards. Reveal your answers! Matching answers get a point! First pair to 7 points wins.


  • 250 questions to see how well you really know your friends
  • Also includes 6 dry-erase boards, 6 markers and 6 clean-up cloths
  • For 4+ players and ages 14+

6# Pick Your Poison Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Game – After Dark Edition

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How to play:

  1. Select 2 scenarios: The Judge expands on them by answering the players’ questions.
  2. Pick your poison: Players anonymously pick the Poison card they would rather do.
  3. Reveal the truth: Tally points and find out which of your friends agree with you and who is just as messed up as you thought.


Age Range 15+
Number of Players3-10 Players
Included ComponentsPICK YOUR POISON Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Game – After Dark Edition

For your party, here is everything you might need if you need more food and entertainment:

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