Everything You Need to Know About the Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger

Wireless car charging technology has gained massive popularity in recent years as more and more companies decide to invest in the next big wave of automotive innovation. The smart sensor car wireless charger looks like an ordinary car mount, but it’s packed with features that make your life simpler. The new smart sensor car wireless charger can be the magic key to your self-driving vehicle. Just one touch and you’re set to go! But what is it and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary technology so you can make an educated decision on whether or not it’s right for your vehicle.


As a necessity of life, cell phones are replaced more and more frequently. Manufacturers of various cell phone accessories are also keeping up with the trend of introducing accessories with upgraded technology. Smart sensor car wireless charger is one of the accessories that came into being today. When people are driving, they often need to turn on the navigation, which will consume a lot of power. However, the car is equipped with a small charging port current, and charging efficiency is extremely low. Therefore, smart sensor car wireless charger has become a very important cell phone accessory today.



Before the smart sensor car wireless charger was available, older car chargers often used a bracket to support the phone. As the screen of the phone became bigger and bigger, the bracket sometimes couldn’t bear the weight of the phone well. When driving on bumpy roads, the phone is likely to fall off. In addition, the clips of the bracket will loosen as time increases, which is not conducive to long-term use.

Now, the new smart sensor car wireless charger usually uses pure electric shrinkage technology. Based on the triangular mechanical support, the contact area between the phone and the holder is increased. This stabilizes the center of gravity so that the phone is firmly fixed to the bracket and will not fall off easily even if the road is bumpy.


In the past, when people drove out, they often had to use the car’s own USB port if their phone ran out of battery. However, this interface is not designed for charging, the current is small resulting in low charging efficiency. If you want to travel long distances, it is very inconvenient. In addition, if you use a rechargeable battery for charging, the electricity is still useful when it runs out, and can only support short trips.

Now, smart sensor car wireless charger avoids the tedious cord and saves money on buying data cables. Besides, when wired charging, we often need to free up our hands to plug and unplug the cord to connect the phone. This is not only very troublesome, but also unsafe. Driving with one hand can easily lead to serious traffic accidents. Therefore, for safety reasons, a car wireless charger is also very necessary.


As mentioned above, the charging efficiency is very low when using the original charging method. The constant low current may also cause the phone to get hot and reduce the battery life. The new smart sensor car wireless charger takes a frequency-controlled temperature chip, which can adjust the power and reduce the damage to the phone and battery. In addition, no matter what data cable you use, as long as the phone is placed on the wireless, it can be charged quickly, even outside the phone can also ensure that the phone power supply

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